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Brandlive Announces Oia Partnership

By Snowboardingdotcom

“We are excited to be partnering with OIA and extending Brandlive’s benefits to their membership,” said Tony Pullen, Brandlive’s VP of Sales. “Brandlive and OIA both believe that the live video experience should be owned and operated by the manufacturers and their product experts. OIA members will be able to use Brandlive’s platform to connect in real-time with their sales teams, rep groups, retail associates and consumers, and to conduct educational and sales-driven meetings that are highly interactive.”

Brands That May Benefit From Colbert’s Rusia Week

By Annie EdwardsTVREV

We used Canvs, the emotional analytics company, to analyze nearly 40,000 tweets about the show. The results? Viewers are hot and heavy in their honeymoon period with Mr. Colbert — 10% of reactions are specifically about the handsome host. A note about the “idiot” reaction — that’s referring to Eric Trump and Donald Trump, while the “love” emotions pertain to Colbert’s show. And the truest sign of Colbert’s success may be that small group of passionate haters.

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The Brands That Will Win From Colbert’s Russia Week

By Annie EdwardsTVREV

We look at the ad completion rates, which iSpot.tv measures from the time an ad spent on the glass. CBS advertisers should be seriously stoked about post-Election Colbert, since 114 out of 191 brands posted completion rates over 90%, with Colbert boasting an average view rate of 91.4%. That’s a BFD, and some of these brands even ranked into the creme-de-la-Colbert, all earning completion rates above 97%: PETCO, Stella Artois, Heineken, Volkswagen, Netflix, Cheetos and 5 Gum. Bravo, people can’t get enough of your beer, Stranger Things, and orange fingers. And for the record, none of these brands made it into The Late Show’s top five spenders over the past two and a half months– money can’t buy a good creative.

Watch the Newest Ads on TV From Jockey, Lululemon, Infiniti and More.

By Advertising Age

Among the new releases, Michaela DePrince, a ballerina from West Africa, offers a glimpse of her harrowing personal journey in support of Jockey’s “Show ’em what’s underneath” campaign. Lululemon offers a rather intense take on what yoga means to different people in an ad that closes out with the message “This Is yoga.” And Infiniti serves up an ad that at first seems like a scene from an action thriller, but ends up being about (spoiler!) a supportive family.

Is Whitelisting a Win-Win for Brands and Influencers?

By Harvey SchwartzMartech Series

However, WHOSAY data from over 400 influence campaigns indicates that paid efforts with influencers are converting views and audiences into sales with far greater efficiency. In this regard, the allure of influencers is powerful. Their involvement brings measurable eyeballs to your messaging and if the creative is strong it will create third-party support that’s akin to word-of-mouth recommendations. But brands are not just paying for the access to that audience. They’re paying for everything that influencer stands for as well.

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