Daily Archive: Saturday, September 2, 2017

Is Augmented Reality Season. Are You Ready?

By David Bloom TVREV

For Vertebrae, a huge opportunity (thanks to what Google, Apple and Microsoft are doing) sits on the mobile web, beyond the controlled spaces of Facebook and Snapchat.
“For us, the vision is delivering the AR vision outside the walled gardens,” Cacace said. “We’ll give the digital assets to the brands, and if they also want to go to Facebook or Snapchat, they can.”

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Vertebrae Standing Up for ARKit Arrival

By Next Reality News

Next month, Vertebrae will be able to distribute web-based AR ads to mobile browsers, just in time for the iOS 11 launch that brings with it ARKit. Vertebrae’s launch partners will debut the experience through Android Chrome browsers prior to the iOS 11 release, then targeting devices running iOS 11 upon its availability.

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