Daily Archive: Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Latency is a major headache for video-crazy publishers

By Digiday

Pages with a lot of clutter, heavy ad creative and multiple tracking tags have trouble loading their videos. Another issue is that publishers still rely on outdated technology when selling their video inventory. Frank Sinton, CEO of video platform Beachfront Media, said latency alone can reduce a publisher’s video ad revenue by up to 30 percent.

Here are the latest commercials on TV From McDonald’s, Levi’s and More

By Advertising Age

A few highlights: Stephen Curry and Stephen Curry—yes, two of him—engage in a metaphorical chase on a winding road in a commercial for the Infiniti Q50. Levi’s presents wildly diverse groups of people letting loose to Jain’s “Circle” in a spot that encourages us to “live like we dance.” And a mom in a McDonald’s ad momentarily declines to listen to her whining kids because she hasn’t had her shot of McCafé caffeine yet; the tagline: “Nothing comes before coffee.”