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Brands Must Embrace Polite, Creative Advertising

By Daniel Meehan @ Mobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post from Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO at PadSquad
The internet is made for advertisers. Unfortunately, most brands are not taking advantage of this. For example, the majority of ads are still in the same format as they were 10 years ago: squares and rectangles.

Creative Labs to Incubate Tech Startups

By Annlee Ellingson @ LA Biz Journal

CAA is already in the habit of putting together tech ventures with and for its clients, having had a hand in Funny or Die and WhoSay.
Now the Hollywood agency is formalizing its interest in building technology and media companies with the launch of Creative Labs, a startup incubator that will build new businesses working on media and entertainment and consumer-facing projects.

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The Newest Ads on Television

By Advertising Age

A few highlights: Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones—along with four other Julio Joneses—plugs all the different types of shows you can watch on YouTube TV. Dropbox says “The world needs your creative energy” in a vividly animated spot. And Beats presents a selection of “boss tips” from actress and comedian Liza “Lizzza” Koshy of YouTube and “Freakish” (Hulu) fame.

Brands Benefit from Broad City on Comedy Central

By Annie Edwards @ TVREV

So it makes sense that during last week’s episode, a spot for T-Bell’s Crispy Chicken Quesadilla Box had a 94.6 Attention Score, far superior to other brands. That means audiences quiere Taco Bell, as this ad interrupted was interrupted 27% less-often than other Broad City advertisers.
The all-star attention-grabbing advertisers last week were Cerveza Pacifico, Lionsgate, Axe and Tile, boasting attention rates over 95%. And the coolest thing about Broad City? While the series stars two badass females, the audience skews slightly male. YAS!

World Series Ads Generated Well Over 5.1 Billion Impressions

By Mike Shields @ Business Insider

For one, across the first five games, World Series ads on Fox have generated well over 5.1 billion impressions, according to the analytics firm, which measures attention for TV ads using a panel of 7.3 million Smart TVs.

Meanwhile, given the riveting, tight nature of this year’s World Series, people have stayed tuned in. According to iSpot, the ads run during the games have been watched to completion by an average of 86% of the viewers.
That puts the World Series’ ad attention score above some kinds of TV programming, like say morning news shows, though its score is behind ads showing during serialized shows like “Law and Order SVU” and “The Walking Dead” – which boast of ad attention rates above 90% on average.

Ratings have been solid for the World Series, which demonstrates the massive amount of advertising exposure big TV events can deliver.
Of course, some people do flip around during commercials. Here’s a second by second look at viewership during the games from

Attribution Measurement: Advertisers’ Latest Weapon

By Alan Wolk @ Forbes

According to Sean Muller, iSpot’s CEO, the company is able to provide brands with data on how well their ads are performing based on a number of factors. iSpot can determine which shows, on which networks were most likely to drive viewer activity, the optimal number of exposures consumers need before they take action, and which days and times were most likely to spur action.

Muller said that finding the right formula for determining attribution, especially multi-touch attribution was a trial and error process that took the company a long time to fine tune, a process they continue to calibrate. iSpot measures both online and offline activity, using credit card data, geolocation data and web activity to match customer activity with ad activity.

The Pickaxe on Dash Radio is Back!

By Zach Mikash, Gordon Gross, and Ashley Douglas @ SB Nation

The Pickaxe is back! This time as an official part of Nothin But Net Radio and the Dash Radio Network. Give em a follow on Twitter @NBNDashRadio. This week Zach, Ashley and Gordon are getting into a gripe session about Scotty Brooks, the ailing Denver Nuggets offense and the lack of solid point guard play.

AR and VR Advertising by Vertebrae

By Kevin Matthies @ Mobile Marketing Watch

Vertebrae Launches Mobile Web AR Advertising Suite
Vertebrae, the native ad platform for augmented and virtual reality and 360 video, just announced the release of its new mobile Web AR advertising suite.


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Creative Labs Will Leverage CAA’s Resources and Relationships

By Natalie Jarvey @ The Hollywood Reporter

CAA has made a number of moves in the startup space over the years, including helping to develop Funny or Die and WhoSay. It also launched CAA Ventures to invest in startups such as Patreon, Giphy and Medium.

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CAA Debuts Creative Labs

By Greg Evans @ Deadline

In announcing Creative Labs, CAA pointed to its “proven incubation track record” on such venture-based companies as FunnyorDie and WhoSay for which the agency has collectively raised more than $100 million in third-party funding.

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By Advertising Age

A few highlights: GE shows off its black slate matte finish refrigerator with the help of a couple of moms and a nosy little boy. T-Mobile serves up clips from shows including “Master of None” and “Orange Is the New Black” to promote the free Netflix subscription that comes with its family mobile plan. And Taco Bell hypes the return of Naked Chicken Chips—and the gooey nacho cheese sauce that comes with them.

CAA Has Raised More than $100 Million

By Todd Spangler @ Variety

Separately, CAA has developed and co-founded six venture-backed companies, including Funny Or Die and WhoSay, for which the agency has collectively raised more than $100 million in outside funding. The CAA Ventures fund invests third-party capital in consumer-technology businesses, with stakes in more than three dozen companies, including August, Bark + Co., Drone Racing League, Giphy, Medium, and Patreon.

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Melita The Beautiful Animated Story Developed by Future Lighthouse

By Chris Shive @ Hardcore Gamer

Melita is a beautifully animated short story that takes place in a dystopian future that was developed by Future Lighthouse. Melita is an AI bot that goes on a journey to save humanity from extinction and is accompanied by Anaaya, a scientist of Inuit descent. Over the course of the three 24 minute episodes Melita learns what it means to be human. Melita is $4.99 on the Oculus Rift and $1.99 on Gear VR.

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Vertebrate Launches AR Ads for Jigsaw

By Tommy Palladino @ Next Reality News

Using Vertebrae’s recently-launched AR mobile web ad platform, the ads for Jigsawwill be served as display ads to any one of hundreds of websites accessed through Chrome and Safari mobile browsers.

The Jigsaw ad is built with Vertebrae’s Dynamic Experience Mask template, one of five that the company offers. Other templates include Virtual Try-on (which Ray Ban uses), Interactive 3D Objects, Portals, Interior World View, and photo filters.

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Daryl is a Badass, According to Canvs

By Mike Gasbara @ TVREV

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that most of us would not be nearly as brave as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, who emotion measurement company Canvs detected as the most badass person on television this week.
Check it: More than 60% of all badass Emotional Reactions (ERs) on TV were prompted by the fan-favorite, with Daryl being mentioned in more than half. Overall, badass ERs accounted for over 26% of the emotionally charged engagements mentioning the character.

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TV Advertisers Hit Home Runs With World Series Audiences

By John Cassillo @ TVREV

Obviously that excitement’s been a boost for advertisers. And brands aren’t just earning eyeballs, but major audience attention during commercials., which measures attention from the glass of 7.3 million TVs, shows us the ads that received the most attention. Taco Bell got the most impressions by far, as the graph below indicates. But Lyrica, Budweiser, Amazon Echo and IBM got the most attention from World Series viewers across all spots.

Game Two of the World Series’ audience climbed considerably as the game’s scoring picked up later and the win probabilities went back and forth for both teams. Inscape, which captures live viewing data directly from screens, showed the game received over 2% of the real-time TV audience at certain junctures. That jump in the later innings is reflected in the second-by-second viewer graph below.

The action elicited a strong response on social media as well, according to Canvs.
Looking at real-time emotional reactions (ERs) during the game, “love’” carried over 26% of those responses on Twitter. “Crazy” hit 21%, while “enjoy” and “excited” also saw significant representation as the action ramped up over the course of the evening. According to the graph below, you’ll notice the major spikes in the later innings, as the Astros tied the game in the ninth, then traded blows with the Dodgers through the next two innings en route to the 7-6 come-from-behind victory.

Kodak is Back on TV

By Advertising Age

A few highlights: Kodak (yes, Kodak) serves up a delightfully weird commercial featuring a kid who doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself at a party; the ad promotes The Kodak Moments Project. Netflix serves up a dramatic promo for its original film “Bright,” starring Will Smith. And Angry Orchard offers a “cider lesson” about “angry apples.”


Fans Are Buzzing About Stranger Things

By Victor Luckerson @ The Ringer

Here’s what we know, specifically, about the popularity of Stranger Things: That Super Bowl commercial generated the most social media buzz of the 65 brands that aired ads during the game, according to analytics firm The show generated tremendous search interest on Google, and topped a Google Trends list of popular 2016 television programs.

Melita: A Worldwide Story

By VR and Fun

This year at OC4, there were many studios in attendance that captivated our minds and throttled our hearts with their ability to tell stories in VR. One of those compelling stories we got to experience belonged to Melita by Future lighthouse.
This story takes place in a dystopian like world where Melita, an advanced AI, and Anaaya, a brilliant female scientist are tasked to find a new planet that humans can inhabit. The two characters are surrounded by snow, ice, and anything else that reminds you of the antarctic.

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Vertebrate Partners with Lionsgate

By Emma Martin @ Mobile Marketing Watch

Vertebrae is showcasing the new capabilities via a partnership with Lionsgate to market the upcoming October release of ‘Jigsaw,’ the newest film in the ‘Saw’ series. It’s the first-ever AR movie promotion via Apple’s iPhone Safari mobile Web browser.
Vertebrae’s AR ad units work across mobile Web via Chrome and Safari browsers giving advertisers instant scale to reach hundreds of millions people across the globe.

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