Ad Innovation News: 90% of World’s Advertising is Under Review

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90% of the world’s programmatic advertising, about $2.9 billion of ad spending, is under review. Meanwhile, Digiday reports how publishers weigh the pros and cons of server-side header bidding.

90% of World’s Advertisers Review Programmatic Ad Spend

By Lucy Handley @ CNBC

Research by the World Federation of Advertisers reveals that nearly 90% of advertisers it surveyed are “reviewing and resetting contracts and business models,” meaning that approximately $2.9 billion worth of ad spending is under review. The WFA surveyed 59 of its members with a total ad spend of more than $70 billion. It says that approximately $20 billion of that accounts for expenditure on digital advertising, 16% of which is on programmatic ads, a total of $3.2 billion.

Sizmek Debuts Hub To Streamline Audience-Based Creative

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

Ad-tech firm Sizmek launched Data Hub today, a data-centralizing ecosystem that enables advertisers to pull in audience segments from integrated data management platforms (DMPs) and enrich them with data collected from served ads.

AppNexus and Index Exchange Expand Header Partnership

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

Today AppNexus and Index Exchange announced an expansion of their header bidding partnership to include support for server-to-server integrations. The combination of server-to-server with a traditional heading bidding wrapper offers publishers the flexibility to optimize cookie matching with their header partners and increase bid density through their server partners.

Server-side Header Bidding: Lower Match Rates and Reduced Yields

By Jessica Davies @ Digiday

Server-side header bidding is supposed to be the next phase of header bidding, allowing more ads from more publishers to be served programmatically. But more demand partners may lead to a bad user experience, with slower load times, potential synching issues, lower match rates and reduced yields.  

Microsoft, Facebook and Google Warn that U.S. Policies Could Impact Ad Tech

By Laurie Sullivan @ MediaPost

Microsoft, Facebook and Google– three of the largest ad-tech companies– have sent a warning to employees, investors and the industry about the uncertain future of technology and their respective businesses. The US has a shrinking STEM workforce, and ad-tech companies depend on their ability to attract and retain employees with a background in programming and design to further research and development.