Ad Innovation News: IAB Targets Fake News

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The IAB cracks down on fake news and overhauls its content taxonomy.

Facebook Appeases Buy Side With MMM Rollout

By Allison Schiff @ AdExchanger

On Tuesday, Facebook rolled out a portal that lets advertisers pull campaign data for cross-channel measurement across Instagram, Audience Network and Facebook proper. In addition to the MMM rollout, Facebook announced several third-party verification updates on Tuesday, including viewability for in-stream video on FAN measured by Integral Ad Science and comScore, the ability to measure in-target reach across mobile and desktop through comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials and the addition of DoubleVerify to its roster of third-party partners.

Challenges of Hiring Programmatic Experts

By Yuyu Chen @ Digiday

Companies are having trouble finding qualified programmatic experts, as programmatic experts have many job options today, so the supply and demand is a little off balance, he said.

IAB Tech Lab Unveils Overhaul To Content Taxonomy

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

The IAB is overhauling its content taxonomy, increasing its transparency and attribution capabilities. The IAB says that “These updates will benefit companies in the programmatic space whether they want to effectively target and/or block certain content categories, produce better data quality, or be able to more accurately and consistently describe their content.”

Programmatic is Dominated By Agency Trading Desks

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

According to a new report by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), agency trading desks continue to be the dominant model for programmatic ad buying, used by nearly 40% of the world’s biggest brands. All of the companies surveyed are spending increasing amounts of money on the programmatic channel, with an average of 16% of digital ad spend now dedicated to programmatic, compared to 10% in 2014.

Procter & Gamble Chief Marketer Calls for Increased Transparency

By Lucy Handley @ CNBC

Procter & Gamble has called on the media buying and selling industry to become transparent in the face of “crappy advertising accompanied by even crappier viewing experiences.” P&G is calling for the media and advertising industry to adopt one viewability standard for online advertising.

IAB President Takes Aim at Fake News

By Jack Marshall @ Wall Street Journal

Randall Rothenberg, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, is calling on his industry to fight fake news, saying that while ad tech has done a lot of good, some of the advancements have dire consequences. At the IAB annual leadership meeting, he said, “Any company sitting in this room has the ability to police itself and to actively banish fakery, fraudulence, criminality, and hatred from its midst—and it is your obligation to do so.”

Roku Will Provide Free Super Bowl Stream

By Jeff Baumgartner @ Multichannel News

Roku is preparing for its free live stream of Super Bowl LI, which will be available via the Fox Sports Go channel on the OTT platform. Roku’s coverage will include pre-game programming, the half-time show and complementary “sights and sounds” of the stadium. Fox is also offering its live, non-authenticated stream of Super Bowl LI at, as well as apps for tablets and other connected TV devices. As a first, Fox will work with more than 170 Fox affiliates to deliver local ads via the online video feed of the big game.