Ad Innovation News: SoundCloud Goes Programmatic

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Following a trend of publishers reinventing native advertising, Vox Media hires its first CMO.  

Vox Media Hires First CMO: Lindsay Nelson

By Mike Shields @ Wall Street Journal

Vox is improving its marketing capabilities in hopes of attracting more marketers to its site, starting with making Lindsay Nelson its CMO– she previously oversaw Vox‘s branded content. Vox’s marketing encompasses branded content, ad products, ad partnerships and external marketing services. Vox Media’s branded content business, led by Vox Creative, is projected to see revenue in the nine-figure range this year.

SoundCloud Debuts Programmatic Ad Buying

By Ingrid Lunden @ TechCrunch

Today SoundCloud announced that it will allow programmatic ad buying on its US platform, through a partnership with Triton Digital.