Ad Innovation News: Time Acquires Adelphic

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Publishers struggle with declining homepage traffic, but Bloomberg thinks its “boomerang” feature might be a solution. Meanwhile, programmatic providers shed the spotlight on mobile. AOL debuts self-serve programmatic capabilities for publishers focused on mobile. Acxiom also beefs up its mobile capabilities by expanding its partnership with NinthDecimal.

AOL Debuts Self-Serve Capabilities for Mobile-First Publishers

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

AOL just launched new self-serve capabilities for its programmatic mobile supply-side platform, ONE by AOL: Mobile, which debuted in 2016. The new offering caters to mobile-first app developers with benefits like self-serve & self-registration, demand strength, transparency & control, and improved customer experience and simplicity.

Tapad and WideOrbit Partner to Provide Cross-Screen Programmatic TV Buying

By Philip Rosenstein @ MediaPost

Today, Tapad and WideOrbit partnered to develop a programmatic TV-buying platform. Tapad will integrate its device graph to optimize audience discovery and bolster WideOrbit’s supply platform that offers access to premium TV inventory.

Acxiom Expands NinthDecimal Location Data Partnership

By Kate Kaye @ Advertising Age

Data services giant Acxiom and mobile location information company NinthDecimal have worked together since 2014, but now they are turning their relationship into a more integrated one. Now clients will be able to build custom audiences using data from both companies. The partnership boosts attribution abilities, especially for retail visits. This announcement comes a week after NinthDecimal competitor Freckle IoT announced deals with five programmatic platforms– Adelphic, AppNexus, MediaMath, The Trade Desk and TubeMogul.

iCrossing is Integrating Marketing Services

By Yuyu Chen @ Digiday

iCrossing began as a search agency but is now evolving into a full-service marketing shop as search becomes integrated into programmatic buying, content strategy and chatbots. Clients are asking for integrated services, so iCrossing is combining social, display, search and analytics teams into one media services group. 360i is another search agency making this transition and boosting programmatic capabilities.

Publishers: Less Than 10% of Digital Ad Revenues Coming from Programmatic

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

Operative studied over 300 advertising and publishing executives and found that even though more money is being spent programmatically, most of the revenue goes to middlemen and platforms. Half of the surveyed publishers said that they make less than 10% of their revenue from programmatic.  

Time Inc. Acquires Adelphic to Increase Programmatic Capabilities

By Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg @ Wall Street Journal

Time Inc. has acquired Adelphic, a demand-side and self-service platform which lets marketers buy and manage digital and mobile ad campaigns. Adelphic will join Viant, a marketing company that Time acquired last year that uses first-party data and programmatic technology for ad targeting. This acquisition is part of Time’s pivot from a print magazine to a digital media player.

How Bloomberg is Reclaiming Homepage Traffic

By Lucia Moses @ Digiday

Publishers across the board are struggling with declining homepage traffic. Bloomberg Media may have found a solution, substituting the popular “infinite scroll” feature at the bottom of articles for a “boomerang” which takes the user back to the homepage. Bloomberg tested this feature on its technology vertical, where it has seen a sevenfold increase in monthly page views in the three months after the channel’s launch compared to the six months before the launch.

Google and Facebook Account for Majority of New Digital Advertising Investments

By Ginny Marvin @ Marketing Land

According to the Internet Trends Report, Google and Facebook account for 76% of new investment in digital advertising. Among second-tier networks, Snapchat surpassed Pinterest for the first time, with Snap’s ad spend growing 356% year over year.