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TriForce Short Film Festival (TFSFF) Lineup Announced

By Voice

The four ‘Best of the Fest’ finalists were selected from the shortlist by a panel of industry stalwarts including director Neil Biswas, writer John Byrne, BBC Assistant Commissioner Jay Davidson, Shiver’s Michelle Matherson, Carter Pilcher, CEO of Shorts TV, renowned Executive Producer Alexander Gardiner, acclaimed actor Indira Varma and Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE.

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ShortsTV Makes a Splash at the Orlando Film Festival

By  Thaddeus McCollum @ Orlando Weekly

And Linda Olszewski of ShortsTV delivers a lecture on what the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences looks for when nominating short films for Oscars – a timely presentation since the Orlando Film Festival will be eligible to become an Academy-accredited film festival next year.

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Skinner Myers’ New Film Wins the Grand Jury Award at the HollyShorts Film Festival

By PR Web

The 100-year-old story of the lynching of Frank Embree is brought to life by up and coming filmmaker Skinner Myers in an award winning short film. “Frank Embree” is screening at the Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, CA September 22-28 at 12:30PM as part of ShortsTV’s “Shorts From Around The World” theatrical release and will be eligible for Academy consideration in the live action short film category.

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BidSlate and Premiere Digital on Filmmaker Distribution Platform

By Dave McNaryVariety

Deals completed include a partnership with Hoopla digital for 20 titles to be distributed in 1,500 libraries across North America; a 12-title deal with Direct TV broadcaster Shorts TV; a multi-title agreement with France’s newly launched Museum Channel; and deals with Germany’s Little Brother Films GmbH and Hong Kong’s UA Cinemas Circuit Limited.

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ShortsTV launches on YoufoneTV

By Robert BrielBroadband TV News

ShortsTV brings audiences professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies from the Netherlands and around the world, including hours of award winning and star-studded shorts. ShortsTV also creates its own original programming, putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent and bringing viewers into the fast-paced world of short filmmaking.

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ShortsTV and its programming deal with BidSlate.

By Nico FranksC21

Shorts International-owned network Shorts TV has agreed a programming deal with US distribution outfit BidSlate.
The three-year non-exclusive deal covers 11 titles and includes shorts such as A Chance in Hell (1×35′), Decay (1×15′) and PagPag (1×15′) alongside web series The Hotel Barclay (13×10′). It spans territories including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and comes after Shorts International revealed its intention to expand the reach of ShortsTV earlier this year.

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‘Abji’ wins Best Award at US festival

By Mehr News

Being a hub for many returning filmmakers each year, they have expanded as an Official Distributor to SHORTS.TV and they also program Feature Films at a number of Indie Theaters.

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Twitter Chat Co-Hosted by Rep. Johnson and ShortsTV CEO Carter Pilcher

By Broadcasting & Cable

Joined by ShortsTV CEO Carter Pilcher (@ShortsTVUS) and award-wining Baltimore filmmaker Mecca Amoni Michele Lewis and her partner Erin Gaddis, Johnson (@RepHankJohnson) and his guests fielded 10 questions around the importance of diversity in film and the media and how to forge change moving forward.

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Insights: Dancing in the Era of Peak OTT/TV

By David BloomTubefilter

And then there’s DanceOn, once a pioneering MCN that has evolved into a programming brand creating a wide range of original content built around its deep connections in the worlds of dance and music. Based in Hollywood, the company is still headed by CEO and co-founder Amanda Taylor, a self-proclaimed “musical theater nut” who first worked in dancer and choreographer management. “It’s a huge vertical, and dance is one of the original passion points,” Taylor told me recently. “We have 100 million followers and 1 billion monthly views” of the company’s videos on YouTube, Musical.ly, Facebook, Instagram and just about every other online outlet.

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Today’s Podcast: Scott Dawson’s Injury, Sienna Calling Out Charlotte and Our Chat With X-Pac

By Ryan Satin Pro Wrestling Sheet

The 2-hour replay of Wrestling Sheet Radio can be heard on Dash Radio or by downloading full, unedited MP3s on Patreon for just $5 a month. This week’s extra chat is about the uproar over Joey Ryan dick-flipping Mick Foley and Lio Rush no-selling a ladder spot.

The Drum is Calling Festival in Numbers

By  NationTalk 

Festival guests were greeted by 200 volunteers. Among those involved in the production the event were the eight apprentices from Canada 150+’s Aboriginal Production Apprentice Program. This program was launched with the support of eight employer partners: Brandlive, Coastal Jazz and Blues, Gear Force, Great Northern Way Scene Shop, Riggit Services Inc., Scene Ideas.

Highlights of ShortsTV Again at The Dutch Film Festival

By Drimble

ShortsTV organizes this year the The Pitch competition at the Dutch Film Festival. Do you have a great idea for a short movie? At The Pitch, as a filmmaker you can pitch your idea for an expert jury and give you a chance of € 5,000, – production budget and broadcast of your movie

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Watch Facebook?!?

By Jason Damata @ TVREV

I’m also very excited about the leveling of the production playing field. Now (presumably) smaller outfits with good ideas and compelling value to audiences (Cheddar, Refinery, DanceON) will have an easier time testing show formats with an audience without having to kiss up to some asshat at the Ivy.

ShortsTV adds BidSlate titles

By Nico Franks @ C21 Media

It spans territories including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and comes after Shorts International revealed its intention to expand the reach of ShortsTV earlier this year.

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Justice Short Film Competition Winners: Erin Gaddis and Mecca Amoni Michelle Lewis

By Broadcasting & Cable

NAACP Convention- This week, the audience at the NAACP’s 108th Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD selected JustUS: Living with a Criminal Record as the winning short film in the NAACP-ShortsTV “Champions for Justice” short film competition. This team earned the most votes and will receive a $7,500 budget to produce an extended documentary that will air on ShortsTV. The NAACP and ShortsTV collaborated to create the “Champions for Justice” competition as a program that would continue as a sustainable program each year going into the future.

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Amazon Pushes Further into Gaming

By Retail TouchPoints

Upon joining the game development cloud services arena, Amazon built services such as Lumberyard, a free game engine integrated with AWS, and GameLift, for deploying and managing servers for multiplayer games.

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Baltimore Filmmaker Wins ShortsTV and NAACP Competition

By Chris Kaltenbach @ The Baltimore Sun

“JustUS” was one of three films competing for the prize of $7,500 to create an “extended documentary” that will air on ShortsTV, which created the “Champions for Justice” program with the NAACP. Each of the three films was created by a two-person team, with one each addressing the subjects of police violence (one of the filmmakers working on that topic was Shaqueal Wilson, also of Baltimore), the “school-to-prison pipeline” and living with a criminal record.

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DanceOn Sees More Demand for Premium Content

By David Bloom Tubefilter

A couple of people I talked with, including DanceOn CEO and co-founder Amanda Taylor, talked about the jump in spending and production values, even for companies such as DanceOn that are products of YouTube’s early, user-generated MCN days. Where a heavily produced and edited 5-minute YouTube video from one of her site’s creators might cost as much as $5,000 per minute of programming to create, premium content from DanceOn these days for several upscale outlets might cost as much as $25,000. That 5X multiple seems to be a widely shared metric these days.   “What we’re seeing is more and more demand for premium content,” Taylor told me. “Originally that was just Netflix but we’re seeing more and more outlets going there. Audiences want both. They want to be part of the social video experience, they want to watch it and participate in it. But they also want a more lean-back experience.”

So You Think You Can Dance

By Camille HeimbrodInternational Business Times

In addition, “So You Think You Can Dance” isn’t the first time that Ishimoto has worked with Lythgoe and contemporary choreographer Travis Wall. The teenager previously starred in the YouTube-produced series of Lythgoe and the DanceOn digital media company. Ishimoto also trained under Wall’s original touring production, “Shaping Sound.”

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The Sheet Podcast — Kurt Angle/Triple H Rumors, Four Wrestlers Cleared And A Chat With Jervis Cottonbelly

By Pro Wrestling Sheet

The entire 2-hour episode can be heard FOR FREE this week to give new listeners a taste of our Dash Radio show — which can also be heard at your leisure by subscribing to the Wrestling Sheet Patreon.