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Amazon Prime and Netflix Spend Large on TV Advertising

By: Kevin Gallagher @ Business Insider

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms are increasing their spend on national TV commercials, according to iSpot.tv. In 2017, the average US adult spent just under four hours per day watching TV, more than three times the amount of time spent on digital video, so it makes sense that OTT platforms are flocking to TV to win over subscribers.

Amazon Prime Video edges over Netflix. The e-commerce giant spent $55 million on TV ads, up 74% from 2016. Meanwhile, rival Netflix spent just over $42 million, up 33% from 2016, per iSpot.tv.

TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week: Beyoncé, Alex Smith and Margana Wood

By TheWrap

TheWrap has partnered with Canvs, the emotion analytics company, for a weekly look at some of the characters and personalities that have TV viewers the most worked up on social media. The data below covers Sept. 6-12 and is drawn from the most emotionally reacted-to television programs, including broadcast, cable, streaming and PPV.

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Why Fans Love “Atlanta”

By Broadcasting & Cable

Examining the discussion around the show’s humor more closely, Canvs uncovered that a particular moment in one episode had viewers laughing up a storm: In the seventh episode, titled “B.A.N.” (it originally aired Oct. 11), the show took a turn towards the satirical, which included a talk show complete with parody commercials that played throughout the episode. Put simply, people went nuts for the fake ads—and said as much on social media in a major moment for Atlanta’s buzzworthiness and momentum.

Speaking of commercials, how did the real advertisers fare during the show during its first full season? According to iSpot, the attention and conversion analytics platform for TV advertising, since the season premiered and through re-runs this summer, 269 brands have aired 599 spots over 1,800 times with an estimated total spend of $7 million

NBCU’s Seeso Service to Shut Down

By Cynopsis

Tweet of the week: @_khak14: THE BACHELORETTE OMG WUTTTT
Canvs, the emotion analytics company, analyzed tweets about TV and streaming programming from Aug. 2-8 using Twitter data from Nielsen. Insights from the 1,802,019 tweets expressing a specific Emotional Reaction (ER) include: – People were incredibly psyched for the NFL preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals on NBC.- Viewers found the finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette to be totally crazy when it was revealed that Peter wasn’t ready to get engaged to Rachel, essentially leaving her no choice but to choose Bryan. – Fans truly enjoyed the latest installment of Game of Thrones on HBO, although some were distraught to realize there are only three episodes left this season. – While watching the most recent episode of Big Brother on CBS, viewers made it clear they seriously dislike all the bullying that’s taken place this season. – Bonus insight from Canvs’ YouTube data: People are loving the new animated short film about a closeted boy’s heart chasing down the guy of his dreams; many are calling “In a Heartbeat” simply beautiful. – Canvs

Interview with Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO, Canvs

By Sudipto GhoshMarTech Series

I am CEO and founder of Canvs, an emotion analytics company, and I spend most of the time thinking about how we create empathy for the client and solve their problems. Canvs started out as Mashwork, which I co-founded with Dr. Sam Hui at NYU, where we provided insights to the television and entertainment industry.

Twitter’s “Music is Happening” Ad Thrives The Audience.

By John CassilloTVREV

Though it may not be attracting new users just yet, “Music is Happening” has been a hit with viewers. According to iSpot.tv, the ad has scored a 95.6% average view rate (percentage of impressions across all views of an ad) on 1,733 airings. It’s also experienced a completion rate of 93.2% — a high number of viewers watching the spot at least three-quarters of the way through.

Kool-Aid And Other Brands Are Summer’s Popular Ads

By John Cassillo @  TVREV

Using data from iSpot.tv, we’re able to dig into Kool-Aid’s ads and determine which months have generated more traction with viewers. iSpot tracks TV ads 24/7 across linear, VOD, OTT and time-shifted viewings, from a panel of 10 million connected TVs.


Shark Week Streams to Victory in Phelps vs. Shark

By John CasilloTVREV

As more marketers dive into the live video pool, many could use a helping hand to navigate the uncertain waters. Brandlive’s Fritz Brumder provides a guide to the products to buy to produce great live content without breaking the bank. Speaking of playbooks, Joel Comm presents his own tips on building a live video marketing plan from scratch. “Let our powers combine… Go live video!”

You can get emotional about ‘Game of Thrones.’ Just know HBO is listening.

By Kerry Flynn @ Mashable

Canvs isn’t particularly concerned with what screen people are watching on, rather how they’re feeling when they’re watching.  Regardless of how shows are consumed, HBO, NBC, and Fox, for example, are using data from Canvs to determine how their viewers are responding.
For the season premiere of Game of Thrones, Canvs tracked 172,000 ERs that spread across love, excited, enjoy, and crazy. Love was the top emotional reaction, according to data pulled from Twitter.

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Canvas Media Taps TV Vets for Advisory Board

Boxerbaum, an attorney with an entrepreneurial background, previously served as EVP of business development and business affairs for DanceOn for over four years. She’s also the founder of lifestyle programming brand I’ll Have the Fries. Boxerbaum will continue to represent other clients through her strategic law firm Box Counsel.
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Cypress Hill Share Dates for Haunted Hill Shows

By Trey Alston @ XXL

Cypress Hill has recently been working on new music for their ninth studio album, Elephants on Acid. The project will be their first full studio release since 2010’s Rise Up. In a sit-down interview with Dash Radio in 2016, B-Real, the group’s lead rapper, gave an update on the status of the project. “It’s pretty much in the finishing stages,” he said.

Brock Lesnar’s MMA Levarage, Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle And Our Chat With Konnan

By Ryan Satin @ Pro Wrestling Sheet

On Episode 85 of The Sheet Podcast … our hosts discuss Brock Lesnar‘s recent MMA move, Kurt Angle revealing Jason Jordan as his son and Konnan confirms a recent Rey Mysterio report. Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin, Kevin Silva, and Elijah Bates also discussed whether WWE plans to introduce a Jason Jordan biological mother character and Shane McMahon‘s helicopter crash.

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’: The Viewer Emotions Behind the VH1 Hit.

By Eleanor SemeraroTVREV

Although love was the most-often expressed emotion (appearing in 13.8% of ERs), humor was a close second with 13.1% of ERs; it’s no secret that many people tune into LHHATL for the accidentally hilarious (and often cringe-worthy) antics of cast members. Crazy (9.4%) and dislike (8.9%) followed on the emotional scale; negative viewer emotions in the reality TV genre are generally net positives — people simply love to hate-watch these types of shows.

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LinkedIN Launched Native Video. This a Good Thing?

By Jason DamataTVREV

It’s worth noting that major brands like Adidas, Nike, REI and others are already leveraging (live) video to speak to consumers and internally to speak with its sales force and employees using a safe environment provided and produced by Brandlive. The brands now leverage the social networks to promote what they are doing on their owned and operated properties.

Brands That May Benefit From Colbert’s Rusia Week

By Annie EdwardsTVREV

We used Canvs, the emotional analytics company, to analyze nearly 40,000 tweets about the show. The results? Viewers are hot and heavy in their honeymoon period with Mr. Colbert — 10% of reactions are specifically about the handsome host. A note about the “idiot” reaction — that’s referring to Eric Trump and Donald Trump, while the “love” emotions pertain to Colbert’s show. And the truest sign of Colbert’s success may be that small group of passionate haters.

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The Brands That Will Win From Colbert’s Russia Week

By Annie EdwardsTVREV

We look at the ad completion rates, which iSpot.tv measures from the time an ad spent on the glass. CBS advertisers should be seriously stoked about post-Election Colbert, since 114 out of 191 brands posted completion rates over 90%, with Colbert boasting an average view rate of 91.4%. That’s a BFD, and some of these brands even ranked into the creme-de-la-Colbert, all earning completion rates above 97%: PETCO, Stella Artois, Heineken, Volkswagen, Netflix, Cheetos and 5 Gum. Bravo, people can’t get enough of your beer, Stranger Things, and orange fingers. And for the record, none of these brands made it into The Late Show’s top five spenders over the past two and a half months– money can’t buy a good creative.

Why Aaron Judge, Samoa Joe and Tariq St. Patrick Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

By The Wrap

A Yankees outfielder, a pro wrestler and a drug kingpin’s son had viewers talking passionately on social media over the past week. There were 137,916 Emotional Reactions (ERs) during the 2017 Home Run Derby on ESPN/ESPN 2, making it the most reacted-to program in the last week. Nearly a third of the ERs were about Aaron Judge, an outfielder for the New York Yankees and the winner of the derby. As you’d expect, many viewers took to social media to send him congratulations for the win, but other simply professed their total fandom.

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Katy Perry holds contest to find dancer for ‘Swish Swish’ music video

By Emily SurplessNicki Swift

“All you have to do is put together some fun, funny, weird—I don’t know—great choreography… and I will pick my favorite dancer to be in the music video with me!” Perry explained. To be considered, contestants need to upload a video of their performance to either YouTube, Instagram, or Music.ly and tag “#SwishSwishChallenge” as well as the @DanceOn and @KatyPerry account handles.

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Katy Perry Wants You To Be In Her “Swish Swish” Music Video

By  Erica Russell  @ PopCrush

On Wednesday, the singer announced the #SwishSwishChallenge on YouTube, sharing, “I am teaming up with DanceOn to find the best dancer to be featured in my new music video for ‘Swish Swish.’ All you have to do is put together some fun, funny, weird, I don’t know… great choreography! …And I will pick my favorite dancer to be in the music video with me.” To participate, fans have to film themselves dancing to “Swish Swish” and upload the video to YouTube, Instagram or Musical.ly, as well as tag #SwishSwishChallenge, @DanceOn and @KatyPerry.

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You Could Star in Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” Music Video—Here’s How

By InStyle

The “Witness” songstress partnered up with DanceOn to find the next big star to bring her hit single to life via the #SwishSwishChallenge, which she announced on YouTube Wednesday.

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