Fabric Notable Stories, June 27, 2016: Twitter Live, Brexit Headaches

Curated by David Bloom

Live Streaming, Social Media

Twitter set for more (live) streams

By Associated Press


Twitter is close to announcing deals to stream more live events, from sporting matches to political debates, after experiencing higher-than-expected demand for advertising for National Football League games it plans to air this season.

Revenue at Twitter is growing slower than expected, even as the company adds new products for social media advertising. With content deals and live streaming, the company will be able to tap into advertisers’ online video budgets, competing with YouTube and Hulu.

Live Streaming, Social Media

Periscope’s CEO Discusses Politics, Best Practices and the Future of Live-Streaming

By Andrew Hutchinson


Periscope’s success or failure is crucial to Twitter’s future, and that combined with the ever rising threat posed by Facebook Live makes this a particularly interesting time to get the perspective of Periscope founder and CEO Kayvon Beykpour, who this week sat down for an interview at the Cannes Lions Festival, which was subsequently broadcast by Twitter Advertising on Periscope.

Beykpour also discussed the evolution of live-streaming and where he sees Periscope growing and providing value. Beykpour noted that, first and foremost, audience interaction is the key element of the new live-stream process.

Traditional Media, Digital Media

NBC “Won’t Cancel Shows Quickly” in Bid to Restore Comedy Brand

By Joanne Ostrow


The new recipe is “smart, sophisticated but not alienating,” she said, with the goal to be a little bit more “big tent,” like the Andrea Martin overbearing-mom premise of Great News, but to remain a family show at the core.

Salke, meanwhile, gave a less-than-enthusiastic nod to Seeso, the Comcast/NBCUniversal digital comedy streaming channel. “It’s a starting place,” she said. “The digital conversation is one-third of my day at this point,” she added, advising the audience to “stay tuned” for the network’s new digital plans.

Traditional Media, Executive Shuffle

Galloway on Film: The 10-Year Studio Bloodbath

By Stephen Galloway


Once every decade, it seems, the movie business goes through a period of seismic convulsion when entire studio regimes resign or get tossed out on their ear, with the inevitable uncertainty and anxiety this provokes for hundreds and even thousands of other employees. It’s an industry-wide hari-kari, with the knife plunged into the good and the bad alike.

It used to be that success meant stability. Not any more. Today, even when you’re doing great, you’re not safe.    

Digital Media, Marketing

Interactive Content Is More Than Just an Attention-Grabber

By eMarketer


More interestingly, CMI uncovered other valuable benefits of interactive content for content marketers. For instance, 79% of respondents agreed that this type of content can be reused and subsequently encourage repeat visits. Another 79% said that interactive content, when combined with traditional content marketing, can help strengthen their company’s message.

Digital Media, Publishing

How the Gawker Media Bankruptcy Will Work

By Jonathan Guilford


Friedman explained that a bankruptcy auction starts out somewhat like a normal one. The company runs a process to look for a buyer. We know that Gawker did this because someone agreed to buy it. Or, more precisely, someone agreed to buy its assets, which will be sold clear of the company’s liabilities.

Per the chapter 11 filings, Ziff Davis, the owner of IGN and AskMen.com, made an offer of $90m plus the assumption of some liabilities for those assets. It was one of two offers to emerge from a group of six potential bidders approached by Houlihan.

Corporate Succession, Digital Media

Nikesh Arora Interview: Always Know When to Exit

By Erin Griffith


I said, “You told me when you turn 60, I was going to be CEO.”

He said, “You know what, honestly I haven’t really thought about it that hard.”

I said, “Well you’ve been going out there telling people out there that I’m your successor so I would really appreciate your thoughts.” He went back, he reflected, we chatted on the phone a few times. I think he came to the conclusion that he works really hard, he works anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day and he still hasn’t contemplated what life would look like if he gave up most of what he did. He’s a very hands-on CEO, as he has said publicly.

Technology, Management

Silicon Valley firms are increasingly hiring chiefs of staff

By Elizabeth Dwoskin


Silicon Valley likes to thumb its nose at Washington. Tech executives have long derided the nation’s capital as a place where good ideas go to die by a thousand regulatory cuts. But increasingly, one quintessential Washington institution is taking hold: the chief of staff. Its growth in many companies is reflective of the evolution of the start-up boom: Companies have gotten bigger, often very quickly, and they’re seeking more organization and hierarchy as a result.

Increasingly, smaller start-ups are hiring chiefs of staff, said Nakul Mandan, partner at venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners, in part because the latest start-up wave is growing up.

Digital Media

YouTube Red Sticking with Influencers

By Todd Longwell


But the new slate of exclusive originals for the subscription service YouTube Red unveiled by Daniels at the YouTube keynote address at VidCon on Thursday afternoon was packed with platform-native talent, including Rhett & Link, PewDiePie, Smosh and Vsauce creator Michael Stevens.

Streaming Media, SVOD, DVRs

Netflix and its ilk don’t play second fiddle to DVRs anymore

By Joan Solsman


Subscription video-on-demand services were in half of US households in the first quarter, according to Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report. That’s up from 42 percent of households a year earlier. Meanwhile, DVRs have held steady, hovering around 49 to 50 percent for more than a year.

This marks the first time the report has shown the two to be on equal footing.

Advertising, Millennials

Millennials’ Relationship To Brands: Earn My Loyalty

By Wayne Friedman


A comScore/YouTube study says “Millennials exhibit a more favorable response to brands that earn their loyalty and are relevant.”

In this light, the comScore/YouTube research shows that 62% of those 18-34 “take action after viewing an ad” and 47% say they pay more attention when viewing personalized ads.”

Publishing, Digital Media

The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, and the push for digital credibility

By Danny Funt, Chava Gourarie, and Jack Murtha


The fragmented nature of the digital landscape has created a conundrum for magazines and other news outlets. Being seen as reliable is crucial to a news organization’s survival. But if readers are finding stories in every corner of the Web, and may not even remember where they first read them, how can publishers build a loyal audience? Do brands even matter anymore?

It turns out they do. Readers are less likely to trust a longform story that appears to have run on BuzzFeed than the same article on The New Yorker’s website, according to a study by the Columbia Journalism Review and the George T. Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism.

However, our study also suggests that changes in how and where we read are pushing us to seek out reliability cues wherever they exist, and that readers make many judgments about the journalism itself when evaluating a story’s credibility. One study subject told us that he usually uses the publication where an article ran as a guidepost.

Digital Media, Publishing, Ad Blockers

Major Ad-Blocker Suffers Defeat Over Business Model

By David Meyer


On Friday, the court handed it a partial victory: Ad-blocking is still legal, but Adblock Plus may not charge Axel Springer to have its ads show up in front of Adblock Plus users.

Advertising, Social Media

WPP-Backed Agency Truffle Pig Leans on Snapchat Relationship

By Mike Shields


To date, Truffle Pig has gotten off to a slow start, but its relationship with investor Snapchat has proven to be its saving grace as brands clamor to figure out how to reach younger consumers.

Brexit, Advertising, Media

Advertising and Media Industries Brace for Uncertainty in Wake of ‘Brexit’

By Jack Marshall


The initial reaction from media and advertising executives was one of uncertainty about what it could mean for their businesses and indeed those of the clients that agencies are paid to advise.

Brexit, M&A, Traditional Media

Brexit: What It Means for Entertainment Industry M&A

By George Szalai


Will U.S. entertainment powerhouses look to take advantage of lower U.K. sector stock prices and a weaker pound to swoop in and make some acquisitions following a British referendum that yielded a majority for a Brexit? Or will they stay away amid a lack of clarity on what will happen in the U.K., with some market watchers fearing a recession as early as next year following the results?


John Oliver’s glorious rant in response to Brexit

Best link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSzmvWiEjNE

By German Lopez


Oliver pointed to the swift, destructive fallout of the UK’s vote. Over the past several days, global and British markets have dropped, the British pound was historically weak, and Prime Minister David Cameron, who signed off on the Brexit vote, announced he’s stepping down. And it could get worse, given that no one knows how, exactly, UK-EU negotiations for a British exit will end up.

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