ACR Archive Teams up with Inscape

By Wayne Friedman @ MediaPost

Inscape gets automated content recognition (ACR) data — TV screen-based data —  from 7.7 million Vizio U.S. TV sets. Inscape’s data is used by other TV/advertising research companies, such as iSpot.TV, which has a long-term deal with Inscape.

Vizio’s data information unit, Inscape, has made a deal with Data Plus Math — the research company behind Project Thor — to boost efforts to create a consumer purchasing attribution platform tied to TV advertising.
Inscape gets automated content recognition (ACR) data — TV screen-based data —  from 7.7 million Vizio U.S. TV sets. Inscape’s data is used by other TV/advertising research companies, such as iSpot.TV, which has a long-term deal with Inscape.
Data Plus Math will use Inscape data as a source of granular TV viewership data for a “multi-touch attribution platform” to understand and attribute the purchasing gains that occur from each advertising exposure.

Deep Dive into The Good Doctor Fans

By Eleanor Semeraro @ Broadcasting & Cable

Inscape also has insight into other shows that The Good Doctor-viewing households are likely to watch. Topping the list: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC), Designated Survivor (ABC), Madam Secretary (CBS), Nightline (ABC) and Chicago Fire (NBC). Notably, Grey’s Anatomy, the long-standing ABC medical drama, is farther down on the list than you may expect, coming in at No. 19.
And finally, when it comes to the location of The Good Doctor fans, hotbeds include Vermont, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Arizona and Oregon.

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Inscape Partners with Data Plus Math

By Jon Lafayette @ Multichannel News

The data from Inscape will enable Data Plus Math to help TV networks, distributors, agencies and clients to better understand and properly attribute the lift that results from each advertising exposure, the companies said.

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Project Thor: Designed to Create a Standardized Measurement

By Jon Lafayette @ Broadcasting & Cable

“TV is massively under-credited as a driver of consumer activity. Using Inscape’s screen-based behavioral data, we can better quantify the power of TV advertising to drive consumers from initial product awareness down the marketing funnel to an eventual purchase. The data shows that TV advertising is doing a lot of the heavy-lifting for marketers and that last-touch digital advertisements are all too often getting too much credit.” said John Hoctor, CEO at Data Plus Math who was previously the co-founder of Integral Reach, the first audience based sell-side platform for TV.
Inscape gets data from 7.7 million Vizio TV in the U.S. The automated content recognition (ACR) data is used by other research companies including iSpot.TV, which recently signed a long term deal with Inscape.
“While the market is moving towards broad adoption of ACR, there is still a sizeable learning curve when it comes to maximum utilization of the data,” said Jodie McAfee, senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Inscape. “And there is a short list of companies in a position to onboard the data, execute against it and shepherd the industry forward. The veterans at Data Plus Math are on that list.”

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Ad Measurement Products using Smart TV Technology

By RapidTV News

Extending a three-year partnership that has seen the development of ad measurement products using smart TV technology, is broadening its relationship with Inscape to include TV attribution and attention currencies. — which tracks TV advertising in real time, verifying ad plays on screen and categorising the impressions as national (live and time-shifted), local, video-on-demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT) or addressable — uses screen-level behavioural data from Inscape to provide closed-loop attribution and attention measures to brands. Currently at 7.7 million active TV devices and growing, the Vizio subsidiary’s smart TV footprint is the largest single source of opt-in TV viewing data available to license in the United States.

Vizio Partners with

By Wayne Friedman @ MediaPost

Smart TV data for goes into three of its core products: ad impression measurement, attention analytics and conversion analytics. The smart TV viewing data is generated directly against iSpot’s catalog of ads.
Smart TV data, the company says, is “transformed, interpreted and balanced against the U.S. Census.” uses proprietary technology embedded into TV sets that can detect show content and commercials. Using fingerprinting technologies, ads on the TV set can be tracked and identified.

TV/media measuring company has renewed its deal with Vizio’s data business, Inscape, under a new seven-and-a-half-year agreement.
According to iSpot, Vizio/Inscape’s footprint is 7.7 million TV devices — the largest single source of opt-in TV viewing data available to license in the U.S.

Brands are Changing the Way they Approach TV

By Jon LafayetteBroadcasting & Cable

“iSpot is doing at scale what so many others are trying to do on an ad-hoc basis and the market is rewarding us all for it,” said Jodie McAfee, senior VP of sales and marketing at Inscape. “Their use of our glass-level, granular TV viewing data demonstrates how smart TV viewing data can and will power the next generation of measurement.”

“Brands are changing the way they approach TV now that they can connect TV investments to business outcomes,” said iSpot.TV Founder and CEO Sean Muller. “This deal is a testament to our market traction and the trust brands have put in iSpot but also it speaks to the great working relationship we have developed with Inscape and the value we are creating together.”
Inscape is a subsidiary of Vizio and, with 7.7 million active TV devices, it is the largest single source of opt-in TV viewing data available to license in the United States. Teams Up with Inscape

By Kelly Liyakasa @ AdExchanger

ISpot claims its integration to Inscape can improve precision and accuracy in attribution because it allows ad buyers to tie TV viewing behavior to performance KPIs, like conversions and site visits.
ISpot can provide those metrics because it has a device graph that lets it map the impressions it gets from Inscape to consumer behavior on devices.
“We collect second-by-second viewing data against actual ads, not just the programs, to avoid blind spots,” said Sean Muller, CEO of iSpot.TV. “If you just gather data at the program level, you’re not seeing viewership across OTT, VOD or at the local level.”
ISpot’s measures how consumers engage with TV ads, digital searches and social media. Then, it correlates those results with the US Census so it aligns more closely with traditional TV currencies, which makes buyers more comfortable.

Right now, Inscape is the only data provider that can scale – with precision – because it provides buyers direct access to a smart-TV OEM’s data sets, said Tracey Scheppach, founder of the consultancy Matter More Media and former head of Publicis/Starcom’s Video Center of Excellence.

Audience Analysis: NFL and Nascar

By Eleanor Semeraro @ Broadcasting & Cable

Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level information from 7.7 million smart TV screens and devices, took a granular look at NASCAR viewership.
According to Inscape data, there’s been a bit of a decline in traditional television viewership between 2016 and 2017, but looking at OTT, the decline is less. (Note: Both Fox and NBC have broadcasting agreements with NASCAR, with the former airing the races taking place earlier in 2017 and the latter broadcasting those later in the year.)

InteractiveTV Today will Return to New York City

By PR Web

TVOT NYC 2017 sponsors include Turner, LG, W12 Studios, Axonista, Lotame, Inscape, Connekt, Gracenote, Sorenson Media, Alphonso, Simplestream, Verance, Thomson-Broadcast, Videology, Think Analytics, Ad-ID, EIDR, The Vertere Group, Hub Entertainment Research, Daddi Brand Communications, Interactive Television Alliance, and Breakaway Communications.

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Inscape’s ACR Offers Second-by-Second Viewership Data

By Lisa Richwine @ Reuters

Morning show viewers also have been shown to be loyal no matter who is hosting. Data from Vizio Inc’s Inscape, which measures TV data on a second-by-second basis, shows morning audiences are less likely to switch to a competitor than at other times of the day.

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Distilling Fans’ Emotions During American Music Awards

By Eleanor Semeraro @ Broadcasting & Cable

Data from Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level information from 7 million smart TV screens and devices, reveals that although viewership increased from the 2016 show, loyalty did not; 86% of this year’s audience was new compared to 2016, and 79% of the audience from last year didn’t watch this year’s show.

According to Canvs, the emotion measurement company, there were 580,262 Emotional Reactions (ERs) to the AMAs on Sunday evening, an increase from last year’s 556,489 ERs. As you may expect, positive emotions reigned supreme: 35.9% of messages expressed love, 12.7% congrats and 9.2% mentioned something/someone being beautiful.One performance in particular had viewers particularly fired up: K-pop sensation BTS, who performed their hit song “DNA.” The group was mentioned in 8.9% of all ERs.

Pop Tarts Scores with TV Advertising

By Annie Edwards @ TVREV

But while the flavor is new, the jingle is not. One would expect viewers to grow weary of the ads over time, but the cartoon has had a constant attention score, 87.56, since the commercial started airing in June. iSpot’s Creative Wear demonstrates that nostalgia never get old. This spot gets 4% fewer interruptions than other Pop Tart ads (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).

Deep Dive into Hannity’s Fans

By Eleanor Semeraro @ TVREV

With all the hubbub around Hannity recently, we used Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level information from 7 million smart TV screens and devices, to take a look at where his viewers are located. Below, heatmaps of location by zip code and state. The darker the color, the more concentrated his viewers. As you’d expect, there are certain hotbeds in the south (Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana) and western U.S. (Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona).

And, given the outrage that some Hannity fans expressed after Keurig pulled its ads from the show, a map overlay of coffee drinkers vs Hannity ratings.

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ITVT Announced the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC 2017


Stuart Schwartzapfel, Chief Strategy Officer, Canvs

Zeev Niemeyer, Founder, Inscape
The Lobby
Lunch, Sponsored by Inscape

Zeev Neumeier: Making Televisions Smarter for Brands

By David Bloom @ TVREV

Today, we meet Zeev Neumeier, who’s making televisions smarter for brands, programmers and consumers.
Zeev Neumeier, SVP Technology for Inscape Vizio, is the kind of guy who won’t back away from a challenge just because, “It’s always been done that way.” He’s blessed with a touch of intentional indifference toward his odds of success in overturning such habits and approaches. Consequently, he tends to tackle challenges where he has no business winning. Sometimes, he even manages not to lose.

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Deep Dive into Sheldon Shines Fans

By Eleanor Semeraro @ Broadcasting & Cable

When it comes to viewership, BBT consistently gains in audience during the episodes, but YSdoes not. (Note that there have only been two episodes of YS so far, so trends may change as the season progresses). Both shows retain the audience extraordinarily well during commercial breaks — a time when a lot of shows see dips in viewers as people switch the channel to see what else is on.

We also took a look at location. There are clear geographic clusters where people are heavily watching BBT and YS. On the heatmap shown here, the darker the color the more likely people in that area watch both shows.

We turned to Canvs to see how people are reacting to the series on an emotional level. Since the current season premiere of BBT, the show has generated 4,702 Emotional Reactions (ERs) with love, as is typical with hit shows, being most often expressed, followed by excitement. And, yep, Sheldon (portrayed by Jim Parsons) is the character who is driving the most reactions.Young Sheldon, on the other hand, has garnered 3,174 ERs — 1,528 fewer than the more mature BBT, which is impressive over just two episodes. As with BBT, love and excitement are also driving forces.

Deep Dive into Grey’s Anatomy Fans

By Eleanor Semeraro @ Broadcasting & Cable

With the fall TV season well underway, B&C partnered with Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level information from 7 million smart TV screens and devices, to check out some viewership trends. Over a series of posts, we’ll be looking at some high-profile primetime shows that have been airing fresh episodes since Sept. 4.
What’s remarkable about Grey’s Anatomy is that even though it’s now in its 14th season, viewership has generally risen, second by second, as each episode airs. That means that not only are the viewers who tune in from the start typically sticking around until the end, but some viewers are tuning into the show already in progress.


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Using ACR to Discover Second-By-Second Viewing Habits

By Jason Damata @ TVREV

The World Series reminded us why TV is still a force for reach and time. In the end, counted 9.8 Billion TV ad impressions spread across 181 brands and almost 900 airings. And that’s not two-second thumb-flippers like digital, that’s 7+ hours of on-screen air time. TV has chops!

TV viewership for world series, data provided by
Now Let’s Talk About This Picture (Taken from the TV Glass)
Notice those dips? Pitching changes and ad breaks, no doubt. But what’s coolest? Those aren’t sleep times for panelists, they are readings taken from the glass of smart TVs.

Inscape’s ACR Offers Second-by-Second Viewership Data

By Jason Damata @ TVREV

TV viewership for world series, data provided by
The World Series on Fox:
9,784,428,297 Billion TV ad impressions
181 brands
299 spots
858 ad airings
85.37 Attention score

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