advertising) Archive Presents the Newest Ads on Television: Motorola, JC Penney and more

By Advertising Age

A few highlights: JC Penney is promoting a Black Friday sale — but don’t panic, it’s a “Black Friday in July” thing, not an insanely premature ad for the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday. (For some context on the retailer, see Adrianne Pasquarelli’s post from earlier today: “Walking the Tightrope: Delicate Balancing Act For JC Penney’s New CMO.”) Macy’s hypes its Big Home Sale with markdowns as high as 60%. And Motorola introduces the new Moto Z with “Moto mods” that let you modify/customize your phone to your liking.

NFL telecasts losing those awkward Viagra, Cialis commercials

By Phil Rosenthal @ Chicago Tribune

The company spent spent about $31 million to hype Viagra on TV last NFL season, according to data, the most of any single pharmaceutical brand, but it hasn’t aired a national TV commercial to sell the little blue pills since mid-May. That’s because, according to Advertising Age, any Viagra advertising at this point likely would most benefit Teva Pharmaceuticals, which has a cheaper generic version due out in December.

Big Emotions, Viewer Engagement for ‘Big Brother’: How the CBS Hit Delivers for Brands

By Eleanor SemeraroBroadcasting & Cable

In total so far this season, 103 brands have aired 159 spots over 300 times during Big Brother episodes, resulting in 663.6 million TV ad impressions. What’s good news for advertisers is that the average view rate for a commercial during this show is over 91% (view rate is the percentage of an ad that, on average, was viewed across all airings of that ad). A short list of major brands are doing particularly well during the show, with view rates hovering around 99%.

Advertisers Behind The Voice

By Cynopsis Media

To determine the TV ads generating the most digital response, attention analytics company measures digital actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all major search engines. Here, a look at the brands that advertised during the 11th season of The Voice.
“If you’re a fan of The Voice, you already know the name Sundance Head, because he was crowned the winner of the 11th season of the NBC singing competition. (Then again, you might also know his name if you were a fan of American Idol, because he was also a semifinalist on the sixth season of that show.) The top 5 brands that advertised during The Voice across the full season were Toyota, Kohl’s, Walmart, Google (for its Pixel phone) and Apple (for its iPhone), in that order, ranked by estimated spend. But the winners in terms of generating the most digital response to the ads they aired during The Voice all season were Apple (for iPhone), Toyota, Hershey’s, Sprite and Jeep, in that order. Apple’s music-driven iPhone ads, which can feel like little music videos, clearly struck the right note with the Voice audience.”

Now Your Pop-Tarts Taste Like Your Favorite Coffee

By Rebecca Hia @ Ad Age

Among the new releases, Verizon surprises students by showing them salary estimates for jobs in science and technology; Expedia follows Brits from across the U.K. who brag about their country’s fashion, nightlife and adventure; Lunchables has a snack with a platypus and a jackalope’ and ChapStick talks up the transforming power of its lip balm with a little help from former “O.C.” star Rachel Bilson.
Finally, Pop-Tarts presents Dunkin’ Donuts frosted vanilla latte and frosted chocolate mocha pastries so you can have your coffee and your breakfast in one.