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Mobile Video Viewing Taking Off in 2017; When Will Advertisers Follow?

By David BloomTVREV

First of all, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and Snapchathave signaled they intend to increase the advertising opportunities they’ll provide through mobile video. LinkedIn is adding native video capabilities. Sites such as Hulu, Brand.Live, Iris.TV and PadSquad are providing all kinds of opportunities for new kinds of video consumption.

Padsquad’s Vvital Launch Capitalizes on Vertical Video for Mobile Web

By John CasilloTVREV

PadSquad combines the power of mobile rich media with the impact of vertical video to create a premium interscroller format that politely engages with mobile users. To-date, the product is outperforming traditional video ads with a completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks, according to Padsquad. So far, brands like Elizabeth Arden, ABC, Delta, Univision, Barilla and Pillsbury have all signed on.

WHOSAY Hires Facebook Exec Kat Gates as Senior Creative Director

By Broadcasting & Cable

“Kat brings years of extensive advertising agency creative experience to the WHOSAY team,” said Steve Ellis, CEO, WHOSAY. “In addition, her experience at Facebook reinforces the importance of her unique level of expertise in combining great insight based creative with performance in a mobile-first world.”

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How VR Developers Used Gaze Activated Technology To Captivate Comic-Con.

By Cortney HardingTVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. Gaze activation can also provide valuable data to both developers and the brands who fund their content. Heatmaps are great, but gaze activation allows those on the back end to see exactly what cues people responded to in order to change a narrative, even if the cues we subtle.

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Ad Tech And Digital Video Demand Growing Together

By Adexchanger

Today’s column is written by Frank Sinton, founder and CEO at Beachfront Media. None of this is to say that TV’s dead or that digital advertising is now marketers’ only option. But growing consumer demand for digital video, video header bidding and increased bandwidth speeds are pushing brands further in that direction.

7 Virtual Reality Startups Targeting Social Media VR

By Nanalyze

The whole thing is free, so you can imagine that they’ll be getting in bed with companies like Vertebrae in order to make money from selling ads in these virtual spaces. The founder was previously a program manager at Microsoft working on the HoloLens and he claims that social VR is “magical” and not at all like other multiplayer games. Virtual reality users seem to agree with him. According to a great article by Geekwire on this startup, the app has a 98% rating on Steam with 1 in 3 HTC Vive users having played it with over 100,000 people playing the game in 2016 alone. Looks like a pretty cool place to work eh?

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Cannes’ Festival of Creativity is the Cradle of MarTech Innovation

By Sudipto Gosh MarTech Series

After the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Modern Marketing Experience 2017, we described the growing prominence of personalization of content. From Cannes, Daniel Meehan, CEO, PadSquad, also had similar thoughts to share.

OPINION: Viewability Isn’t Everything

By MarTech Series

The following is a guest contributed post by Jen Gavin, VP Brand and Ad Innovation at PadSquad. Ad viewability isn’t everything. In fact, it’s not much at all. It’s a b.s. metric, unless paired with other key performance data to determine the true success or…

11 VR Startups Tackling Enterprise Applications

By Nanalyze

Virtual environments will not seem like the real world unless there are ads plastered all over the place. That’s why Santa Monica startup Vertebrae has taken in $10 million in funding to develop a native advertising platform for VR that lets content producers monetize their content. The term “native” refers to the fact that the ads will integrate seamlessly into VR environments in much the same way they do in the real world. If you want to purchase a Vive to check out what native ads look like, here’s a good deal from HTC (see what we did there?)

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Trolling for a Match isn’t the Way to Generate Influence

By Michael Essany @ Mobile Marketing Watch

Recently, Dove was caught up in an issue that happens far too often in influencer marketing. The firm it was working with was anxious to sign up talent for an upcoming Father’s Day promotion. But like many in today’s influencer marketing game, it was all about the “spray and pray model.”

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33 live X startups that have been showing their progress during the Demo Day

By Real o Virtual

Vertebrae is creating an advertising tool for integrated ads within their experiences.

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PadSquad Vertical Video Ads Grow 1200% On Heels of Snapchat

By Mike Gasbara @TVREV

Since launching vertical video ad formats in January 2016, PadSquad’s vertical ads growth is more than 1200%. Further, the company’s vertical video interscroller product is outperforming traditional video ads with a video completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks.

How virtual reality is helping patients to ‘see’ their back pain


“We look at how you are moving and help to rehabilitate your motion patterns, using corrective exercises.

“This includes skills for your whole life, like lifting, sitting and squatting safely and correctly.”

The spine is a strong but delicate structure, held together by 33 vertebrae stacked within four regions, protecting the spinal cord.

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What Does YouTube’s 180 Camera Mean for VR?

By Cortney Harding @ TVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. Last week, YouTube announced it was partnering with Lenovo, LG and YI Technology on a new technology called a VR180 camera.

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ViveX Demo Day Batch 2 Featured 26 VR And AR Companies

By David Jagneaux  @ UploadVR

Vertebrae – A native advertising platform for VR and AR. The headset-agnostic tech stack connects advertisers with developers and publishers to deliver immersive, native VR/AR/360 video advertising experiences.

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Endless Riff and the Rise of the Virtual Music Venue

By Cortney HardingTVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. Despite a lot of optimistic predictions, the growth of virtual reality in the live music space has been sluggish. While the site dedicated to Live Nation’s partnership with Next VR promises that users will be “front row (at) every show,” it only posts a few shows a month, if that.

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A Letter To Adtech Vendors: Innovate Or Get Out Of The Way!

By Daniel MeehanMarTech Series

Engaging new ad formats are here, and they’re ready to be deployed. However, there’s a bottleneck with regard to improving the overall inventory of the web (and especially mobile) advertising: adtech vendors.

Scatter’s Zero Days and the Future of Documentary VR

By Cortney HardingTVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. Since the rise of the VR started again a few years ago, documentarians have been flocking to the medium as a new way to tell stories, albeit with mixed results.

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How Can VR Translate to Real Results?

By Cortney Harding @ TVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. Commerce in VR is possible today, and could drive real, tangible results. It’s not just for clothes, either other consumer goods, like furniture, are a natural next step. If you see a great VR experience for a film, you can buy tickets or merch right in the experience. Creators can also offer freemium experiences, where you need to pay to unlock certain content. If that content is sponsored, the brand that underwrote it can share in the rewards.

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Snapchat Buys Placed

By AdExchanger

Google’s plan to deploy built-in ad filters for its Chrome browser has raised hackles among some agencies, vendors and supply-siders. The strategy could weed out bad actors in the supply chain, but “do you feel comfortable with Google being the arbiter of what appears on a page as a user, and more importantly as a publisher?” Daniel Meehan, CEO of the publisher ad tech firm PadSquad, tells Ad Age. Apple raised the stakes further on Monday, releasing an updated Safari with blockers for ad trackers and autoplay videos.