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These are the Influencers With More Revenue Per Sponsored Post

By Tubefilter

A study by influencer marketing company Whosay aims to shed new light on how much money influencers are paid per promoted post — as well as which influencers, in terms of their follower counts, are most optimal for marketers to partner with.Whosay, which has worked with McDonald’s and Hulu, examined data from more than 130 campaigns over the past 19 months, Recode reports, and it has divided social media stars into five different categories.

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This is how much social media stars get paid to post ads

By Kurt Wagner and Rani Molla @ Recode

But new data from another marketing firm, Whosay — which creates influencer ad campaigns for companies like McDonald’s, Hulu and Lexus — provides a different perspective. Micro-influencers weren’t the best bargain, according to Whosay, which looked at data from more than 130 influencer campaigns over the past 19 months.

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How marketers can unlock mobile’s creative potential?

By The Drum

According to Whosay’s findings, only the top 10% of talent in each segment are professional creators. In matching the right talent with premium creative and smart paid distribution, marketers can expect to see a 15% rise in campaign engagement rates.

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Vertebrae Standing Up For ARKit Arrival

By Brian @ Artificial Reality News

When iOS releases in the next few weeks, consumers on both iOS and Android operating systems can expect to see more AR ads in the mobile web browsers thanks to Vertebrae, an advertising platform for immersive media.In the short term, Vertebrae will continue to focus on delivering AR and 360 video across the web before approaching native apps.

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Latency is a major headache for video-crazy publishers

By Digiday

Pages with a lot of clutter, heavy ad creative and multiple tracking tags have trouble loading their videos. Another issue is that publishers still rely on outdated technology when selling their video inventory. Frank Sinton, CEO of video platform Beachfront Media, said latency alone can reduce a publisher’s video ad revenue by up to 30 percent.

Is Augmented Reality Season. Are You Ready?

By David Bloom TVREV

For Vertebrae, a huge opportunity (thanks to what Google, Apple and Microsoft are doing) sits on the mobile web, beyond the controlled spaces of Facebook and Snapchat.
“For us, the vision is delivering the AR vision outside the walled gardens,” Cacace said. “We’ll give the digital assets to the brands, and if they also want to go to Facebook or Snapchat, they can.”

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Vertebrae Standing Up for ARKit Arrival

By Next Reality News

Next month, Vertebrae will be able to distribute web-based AR ads to mobile browsers, just in time for the iOS 11 launch that brings with it ARKit. Vertebrae’s launch partners will debut the experience through Android Chrome browsers prior to the iOS 11 release, then targeting devices running iOS 11 upon its availability.

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Interview with Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO, PadSquad

By Sudipto Gosh @  MarTech Series

PadSquad was launched midway through 2012 to solve both of those challenges. We created a mobile software platform that formatted web content for smaller devices so publishers could deliver a better user experience for their audiences. In tandem, we focused our efforts on building the most amazing mobile creative campaigns for brands on mobile, so they can delight consumers in a polite way that is memorable.

Who’s an Influencer When You Can Buy Fake Online Love?

By David BloomTubefilter

Someone – the brand, its media agency, an influencer consultant – needs “ to vet talent for professionalism, creativity, brand safety and fraud. Only 10 percent of the talent in each category are good to work with,” WHOSAY said.

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Frank Sinton Talks About Beachfront Media

By Sudipto GhoshMarTech Series

I am the Founder and CEO. I started Beachfront because I saw the power of video to connect people from around the world, in many different ways. We believe that access to video should remain universal and free, and as a result, a vast majority of video will need to be ad-supported. Beachfront is a video advertising platform that supports this mission.

Could VR Headset Price Reductions Mean New Opportunities for Developers?

By Cortney HardingTVREV

Advertising’s already easy to integrate with something like Vertebrae’s native SDK. Now it’s more cost-effective for brands to explore what that could mean for their own plans in VR and AR integrations.

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PadSquad’s CEO: Stop Blaming Consumers For Terrible Ads

By Mobile Marketing Watch

Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO at PadSquad The internet is made for advertisers. Unfortunately, most brands are not taking advantage of this.

Virtual Reality Gets a Move On With Strider VR Treadmill

By Cortney HardingTVREV

Brought to you by Vertebrae. With the announcement of the Strider VR treadmill, the VR world gained yet another device that allows users to move around while in the headset.

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Revenue Survey Points To The Maturing Of The Programmatic Market

By AdExchanger

A handful of smaller mobile companies are growing like weeds, but revenue is still middling. Mobile publisher-centric software player PadSquad, for example, grew 912.91% with modest revenues of $10.6 million.

CEO of WHOSAY Talks to Brands and Agency Co-Conspirators.

By Steve EllisMobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post by Steve Ellis, CEO of WHOSAY. Dear brand marketers and your agency co-conspirators, Enough is enough.

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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s New Baby Girl

By Blasting News

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder welcome their first child. (YouTube/WHOSAY)

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Leap Into the Future Firefox Plus It’s WebVR Update

By Cortney HardingTVREV

You’re already seeing companies like Vertebrae ease the scaling question by creating more viable, non-interruptive advertising experiences. The addition of ads won’t directly allow for ease-of-viewing

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The Progression Of Advertising Plus the Secrets To Digital Dominance

By Frank Sinton @ TVREV

Vendors must arm publishers with the data and tools to understand, analyze, and approve the advertisements running on their owned-and-operated sites.

Kat Gates Joins WHOSAY as Senior Creative Director

By The Peabody Post

Kat Gates (’82, Cello) has been hired as senior creative director at WHOSAY, an influencer marketing company. Gates will join the creative team to elevate ideas and content with a performance-first mindset. Gates joins WHOSAY from Facebook, where she held the role of creative director. She has an extensive background in advertising, previously working at Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett, along with Facebook.

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WHOSAY Helps Brands Find Their Perfect Influencer Match

By Annie EdwardsTVREV

This is why WHOSAY is giving brands and agencies free access to its Match Platform, in an effort to help streamline and optimize influence marketing campaigns. The proprietary platform was built using data from more than 100 brands, 300 campaigns, thousands of influential people, and can uncover the perfect influencer (of any level) for any campaign.

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