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Fullscreen Cancels VOD service

By Todd Spangler @ Variety

Original series on Fullscreen SVOD have included “Shane & Friends,” hosted by Shane Dawson, “Shay Mitchell: Chapters” and “Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl.” Fullscreen also is the exclusive streaming home to series like “Magic Funhouse” and Bret Easton Ellis thriller “The Deleted,” and movies including “The Carmilla Movie,” based on the lesbian-vampire romance web series, Vertical Entertainment’s “Don’t Hang Up” and Big Block’s “Tell Me How I Die.”

Measuring Influence with WHOSAY

By Annie Edwards @ TVREV

Rather than pixels, brands are turning their attention to personalities– CMOs discuss influence-driven, non-interruptive advertising with WHOSAY. Facebook debuts a new app for influencers.

Cameron Moody, an influencer manager and director of talent at DanceOn, a Gen Z digital media network, says, “It’s important that they’re jumping into the space and updating what it looks like for influencers, especially around live videos.” In addition to the live video controls, Moody says, the Facebook app messaging tool to reach fans from both Facebook and Instagram are an improvement. Now, he says, the creators don’t have to keep switching apps to talk to fans.

Consumers Engaged with AR + VR

By Ginny Marvin @ MarketingLand

Working with New York-based PadSquad, Timberland ran a “coloring book” ad featuring a Nas video and cartoon (see the demo on mobile here). The ad features a Nas video that plays with the sound off and invites users to color and bring the cartoon to life (mobile demo).
In fewer than 40 days, the ad had accrued 59 days of video play time, with over 50 percent of video starts getting completed and more than 200,000 engagements, including coloring and click-throughs, says Padsquad.
“Units just really haven’t changed much over the years from rectangle and squares. There’s a low bar. We try to challenge brands to do things differently,” says Meehan. The mobile-only company works with clients on ideation, design and development for free and charges for media, says PadSquad CEO Daniel Meehan.

Other PadSquad interactive mobile display formats, including the title lookbook unit that flips through “pages” of an ad with a slight tilt of the user’s phone — no swiping or scrolling required. DSW used the format (mobile demo) for a spring promotion.

“Video is the linchpin behind interactivity,” says PadSquad’s Meehan. The company launched an interscroller ad format called Vvital that can incorporate 360, shoppable icons, a swipeable product gallery, store locator, interactive cue cards and other interactive features.“Many clients had been doing pre-roll and some had tested Snapchat,” said Meehan, “but for many, it was the first time to run vertical video that wasn’t placed ahead of other video content.”
ABC used the Vvital format to promote its TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) suite of shows (mobile demo). Meehan says in the short flight of just 11 days, the ad vertical drove more than 775,000 engagements and 239 days of total video play time.

For Santa Monica, California-based Vertebrae, Apple’s iOS 11 created the opportunity to open the camera onto the ad itself and use facial recognition to provide an AR experience from an ad, and at scale.

Vertebrae launched a suite of AR ad formats last month that can run on Android 5.0 and up, “but having iPhone in the game is really impactful,” says CEO Vince Cacace of the company’s AR efforts. “iOS users are more likely to engage, and we see higher camera open/allow rates than on Android.”
Vertebrae’s AR ad units work on the mobile web in Chrome and Safari. “The problem historically has been, if you’re Golden Grahams, for example, and want to have AR-triggered promotion on the box of cereal, you probably don’t have an app and don’t want to make consumers download one. Now we can build AR ad experiences over the web.”

Steaming on Dash Radio: 3 and D

By King Producer @ Grizzly Bear Blues

We have some news regarding the 3 and D show! We have entered into a partnership with Dash Radio to air the show twice per week. The show will be on the Dash Radio NBA channel, Nothin’ But Net. You can hear it on online or on the Dash Radio app every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm central! Excited to announce this partnership and give you more ways to listen! You can still listen here or subscribe in the iTunes store.

Connected TV Devices have Made Huge Gains in the U.S.

By Will RichmondVideoNuze

For example, Roku has been saying for a while that Netflix’s share of overall Roku users’ watch time has been steadily decreasing, with ad-supported channels gaining.  And today, Beachfront Media, a video supply-side platform, said that it saw a huge jump in CTV ad requests to over 2 billion in Q3 ’17. Beachfront works mainly with mid-tail and long-tail video providers like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll.

OTT Should Prove to be a Strong Contender for TV Advertising

By Alan Wolk @ Forbes

“What we’re seeing is a huge jump in viewing as people make these devices their main viewing platform,” Beachfront CEO Frank Sinton told me in a recent conversation. “People are coming for the Netflix, but then they’re discovering other apps like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll. And that’s where we are seeing a real uptick in viewership.”
The numbers in Beachfront’s study speak to that: a 97% completion rate on connected TV ads, with 100% viewability. “These apps are TV apps,” Sinton notes. “There’s no ‘below the fold’ and viewers are comfortable with the idea of TV-style programming having ad breaks. Plus they’re engaged and want to see the rest of the show. That’s a huge differentiator from mobile.”

Measuring Influence with WHOSAY

By Garret Sloane @ Advertising Age

“Out of all the platforms, Facebook is the least influencer friendly right now,” says Cameron Moody, an influencer manager and director of talent at DanceOn, a Gen Z digital media network. “So it’s important that they’re jumping into the space and updating what it looks like for influencers, especially around live videos.” But, he says, it might be difficult for Facebook to pull talent away from YouTube.
In adition to the live video controls, Moody says, the Facebook app messaging tool to reach fans from both Facebook and Instagram are an improvement. Now, he says, the creators don’t have to keep switching apps to talk to fans.

“Creators and influencers are a critical part of the community that makes visiting platforms a worthwhile experience,” says Steve Ellis, CEO of WHOSAY, an influencer marketing company. “This app will be an interesting experiment by them to see if they can help influencers make money by working with brands.”

The Latest from Beachfront Media

By Sudipto Ghosh @ MarTechSeries

Frank Sinton, CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media, said, “Our stats show that the long tail is still alive and well on Connected TV devices, with overall inventory rising quickly from great apps like WatchMojo to TED TV to Crunchyroll. The video advertising-supported ecosystem on Connected TV is seeing explosive growth and is only poised for further growth as video publishers continue to invest in content on these platforms.”

Consumers Still Appear to be more Willing to Tune into TV

By Frank Sinton @ TVREV

As Connected TV use grows rapidly (including a 30% increase in the US alone this year), it stands to reason that advertising would keep up with that rate. In Q3 of 2017, Beachfront’s own SSP experienced Connected TV ad requests increased to over 2 billion — or over 600 million views per month.

New Shows Spending on TV Advertising

By Jon Lafayette @ Broadcasting & Cable

Beachfront CEO Frank Sinton says in its third-quarter study, his platform saw more than 2 billion video views on connected TV in the third quarter and that ad buys are up 300 percent to 400%.
Despite the increase in inventory, Sinton says ad prices are holding steady with prices staying in the $25 to $30 range on a cost per thousand viewers (CPM) basis.
Sinton says viewing—and inventory—have increased as connected devices give viewers access to services that go beyond the leaders, such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora.


Providing Uninterrupted Entertainment Experiences for Consumers

By Paul Kontonis @ Mobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post from Paul Kontonis, CMO of WHOSAY
To put a fine point on it, the era of advertising and brand storytelling — the way we’ve traditionally known it, anyway — has gone by the wayside.

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Top CMOs Leverage Influence with WHOSAY

By Alan Wolk @ Forbes

While CMOs, particularly the CMOs of large companies, are often portrayed as  roadblocks to innovations in advertising, a recent series of interviews sponsored by WhoSay at the ANA Conference in Orlando proved otherwise.

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WHOSAY Matches Brands with Influencers

By Business Wire

WHOSAY, developer of WHOSAY Match, the leading brand affinity influencer matching platform and app for marketers, today announced integration of IBM Watson™ predictive personality characteristics data. WHOSAY Match now analyzes millions of posts across all social platforms and leverages the IBM Watson™ AI and machine learning to calculate and display Influencer personal values and personality traits for to assist in matching Influencers to brands.

Syndication: Digital Journal, The Daily Telescope

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IBM Watson and WHOSAY Team Up for Influence Marketing

By Mike Gasbara @ TVREV

“Finding the perfect influencer for a branded collaboration requires unique first-party data, and extensive third-party insights to understand both the brand and consumer communities,” said WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis. “IBM Watson’s extensive insights into community values and personality traits will play an essential role ensuring the WHOSAY Match provides maximum value to marketers.”

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Kirstin Benson Hails from WHOSAY

By China Louise Martens @ CMSWire

Benson was previously co-founder and editorial director of Instant, Time’s all-video, mobile platform dedicated to covering digital celebrities drawn from YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. She’s also worked at WhoSay and ConnecTV. Since 2013, Benson has been a producer of the Primetime Emmy Backstage Live! Show

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Big Block Innovates in Esports

By RedHerring

The eSports merchandising arena is set to explode alongside the industry at-large. Steve Volpone, CEO of Big Block, recently wrote that “We need to begin collaborating on the lifestyle, fashion and other spinoffs that eSports’ huge audiences will want.”

WHOSAY Matches Brands with Influencers

By BWDistrupt

CAA has a proven incubation track record, having conceptualized and cofounded six venture-backed companies, including FunnyorDie and WhoSay, for which the agency has collectively raised more than $100 million in third-party funding. With expertise in principal investing, CAA manages CAA Ventures, a venture fund that invests third-party capital in consumer technology businesses with high-growth opportunities. To date, the fund has invested in more than three dozen companies, including August, Bark + Co., Drone Racing League, Giphy, Medium, and Patreon.

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Measuring Influence with WHOSAY

By Paul Kontonis @ TVREV

The Clorox CMO went on to highlight the importance of a good match between talent and the brand. “It’s gotta be big and meaningful […] to them because it always shows up if it’s not,” he told WHOSAY, adding that when they worked with NBA pro Steph Curry it was “amazing.”
Another sign that influencer marketing is here to stay? Huge ROI. Antonio Lucio, CMO for HP also talked to WHOSAY about it. “Globally, we’ve used influencers and leveraged the power of that direct to consumer communication,” he told Rob Gregory.

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CAA Has Proven Track Record with Accelerating Startups

By Geoff Weiss @ Tubefilter

“Throughout the past decade, we have conceptualized and launched several successful startups on behalf of the agency and our clients, and now, through the formation of Creative Labs, we are able to further our efforts in a scalable, systematic manner,” said CAA’s head of business development, Michael Yanover, in a statement. Past ventures incubated at CAA include digital comedy brand Funny Or Die and influencer marketing company WhoSay.

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Brands Must Embrace Polite, Creative Advertising

By Daniel Meehan @ Mobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post from Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO at PadSquad
The internet is made for advertisers. Unfortunately, most brands are not taking advantage of this. For example, the majority of ads are still in the same format as they were 10 years ago: squares and rectangles.