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TV Upfronts Could Hinder Programmatic Progess

By Kelly Liyakasa @ AdExchanger

With major upfront negotiations winding down, Fox, NBC and ABC hope to emulate CBS’ strong showing, which reportedly saw CPM hikes in the low double digits and about 5% higher sales volume.

Networks have the leverage this year to command higher prices because of the present scarcity, say buyers.

How Brands Reach Millennials on Snapchat

By Steven Perlberg @ Wall Street Journal

Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer at Taco Bell, was fielding Cinco de Mayo-related pitches from her social media team when one idea stopped her in her tracks: a “sponsored lens” on Snapchat that would make people’s heads transform into a giant taco drizzled with spicy Diablo sauce.

Imgur Has New Video Capabilities

By George Slefo Ad Age

The photo-sharing platform Imgur is giving marketers the ability to embed video in their promoted posts, which have previously been limited to text, images and GIFs. Discovery Channel and CNN’s Great Big Story are among the first brands to buy in with ads set to start today, Discovery’s to promote Shark Week programming starting June 26.

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YouTube Launches New Director Tool

By Amy Gesenhues @ Marketing Land

YouTube just launched a new tool called “YouTube Director” — a video ad-creation tool aimed at SMBs that allows them to film professional video ads from their phone.

According to the announcement, YouTube Director includes a suite of products “… that make video ads more accessible to businesses.”

Reaping The $22 Billion “Opportunity” In Mobile Entertainment

By David Bloom @ Tubefilter

Tucked among analyst Mary Meeker’s many brain bombs in her latest Internet Trends report was this: There’s a “$22 billion opportunity” in mobile for U.S. publishers, creators and brands that could, that should, change all their businesses over the next few years.

That $22 billion is the delta between how much time audiences spend on their smartphones versus how much money advertisers are spending there compared to other platforms.

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Pinterest Ad Targeting Just Got More Powerful

By Frank Fumarola @ Pinterest Business

Targeting your ads is important—it’s how you can effectively get your leather tote noticed by a new grad searching for a work-ready bag, or how you get an aspiring home chef to try your dumpling recipe. And starting today, targeting on Pinterest is even more powerful.

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VR Holds Big Opportunities For Brands

By Ariel Shimoni @ TechCrunch

In advertising, how often do we get a chance to explore something completely new, where no rules apply and where the experience needs to be imagined from start to finish? Telling a story, selling a product and leading a user inside a VR ad environment was previously uncharted territory.

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Microsoft’s Inquisition of LinkedIn Could Help Them Get Back In The Ad Business

By Mike Shields @ Wall Street Journal

Almost a year ago, Microsoft largely exited the digital advertising business, outsourcing the task of selling ads on properties like its web portal MSN to AOL. So, does the software giant’s surprising $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn change that dynamic?

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Snapchat Starts To Expand Its Advertising

By Christopher Heine @ Adweek

Imran Khan was an internet-focused investment banker at Credit Suisse, where, in September 2014, he orchestrated Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba’s high-profile IPO. Three months later, his star rose even higher when he was named Snapchat’s first chief strategy officer, charged, many observers figured, with prepping the tech darling for its own eventual IPO. But in fact, Khan’s marching orders from CEO Evan Spiegel at the outset were more fluid than one might imagine.

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Content Marketing Can Be Risky For Regulated Brands

By Allison Schiff @ AdExchanger

Creating real-time content is a challenge for any brand – but for brands operating in highly regulated industries, it’s a potential compliance risk.

There isn’t a federal regulator out there that doesn’t have rules around misleading, deceptive or unfair practices, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission

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Internet Advertising Is On The Rise

By Jason Lynch @ Adweek

Although TV advertising will remain strong as the industry evolves over the next five years, internet advertising will overtake broadcast advertising in the U.S. next year.

That is the finding from PwC’s annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report, the company’s five-year economic forecast for media and entertainment industry revenue and ad spending. PwC forecasts that entertainment and media spending will hit $720 billion by 2020, up from $603 billion in 2015.

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The Problem With Native Ad Distribution

By Lucia Moses Digiday

With people doing less of their reading on publishers’ proper sites, advertisers are taking it as a given that getting their so-called native ads in front of an audience demands that social media to be a healthy part of the distribution mix. And as Facebook clamps down on organic views, an increasing amount of those views will have to be paid for. It’s part and parcel of campaigns that Digitas Studios handles, said George Hammer, svp there. “It’s a pay-to-play world now,” he said.

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Pandora Is Creating A More Dynamic Mobile Ad Experience

By Marty Swant @ Adweek

Pandora is overhauling its ads to create a more dynamic experience for some 80 million monthly users—blending images and sound, and integrating native video into its mobile experience.

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Podcasts Are Most Popular for Digital Ads

By  @ Marketing Dive

The results might surprise some marketers, but we are currently in a podcast boom, and the advertising potential is big. One-third of comScore respondents stated they plan on increasing their podcast consumption over the next six months, and almost one-in-five within the demographic group of the survey is listening to podcasts at least once a month.

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Teads Launches Program Offering Training In Outstream Video Advertising

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

Teads will offer advertisers, agencies and trading desks half-day training sessions in which they will earn an outstream video certificate.  Topics covered include: how outstream fits into the overall media mix, how to read and evaluate outstream metrics compared to other video formats, instructions on how to buy outstream programmatically via a demand-side platform, and the latest case studies.

The Guardian Builds Its Own Mobile Ad Formats

By Jessica Davies @ Digiday

The Guardian ditched its former, tired old mobile banner ads a year ago. A few months later, it established a lean in-house digital production team dedicated to creating native, responsive and in-app ad formats that won’t alienate readers or slow page-loads.

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Why Streaming Video is Affecting Advertisers

By Sean Galligan @ LostRemote

What device are you reading this on? A laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or something else?

Similarly, when it comes to streaming video these days, including full-blown HD content, you’re not locked into a particular device or delivery method. In fact, many viewers have completely cut their cable cord—or taken down the satellite dish—and are watching their favorite shows via streaming services, some affiliated with traditional networks, others independent. As Over The Top (OTT) services grow, you might be wondering what these changing viewing habits mean for advertisers.

IBM Watson Starts Using Artificial Intelligence

By Christopher Heine @ Adweek

The Armonk, N.Y.-based tech giant today is announcing Watson Ads that will let consumers ask questions by voice or text and receive answers. IBM’s relatively new ownership of The Weather Company’s digital properties is coming into play in a serious fashion: Watson Ads will first appear on, the Weather mobile app and the company’s data-driven WeatherFX platform. Later, IBM plans to allow them to appear on third-party properties.

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Twitter Starts Testing Carousel Ads

By George Slefo @ Ad Age

Twitter is testing out a new ad scheme that would allow brands to leverage both user tweets and their own through a carousel format.

One caveat, though, is brands will need explicit permission from users to promote their tweet as an ad.

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Probe Reveals Ad Agencies Accept Media Rebates

By Suzanne Vranica @ Wall Street Journal

An eight-month probe by a marketing trade group revealed that ad agencies in the U.S. are accepting rebates from media companies, said people familiar with the matter, findings likely to stoke concerns about transparency in the industry.

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