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Beachfront Media Reports Massive Increase in Connected TV Views

By Alan Wolk @ Forbes

So right now we have the rapid growth of OTT TV, both subscription (SVOD), ad-supported (AVOD) and hybrid models (e.g., Hulu). The audiences tend to be younger and more tech-savvy, and, because ad loads on OTT are still considerably shorter, far more likely to stick around to view the ads: a recent study by Beachfront Media showed a 97% completion rate for OTT ads.

Beachfront has been a Key Part of Shaping the Programmatic Advertising

By John Cassillo @ TVREV

Beachfront has been a key part of shaping the programmatic advertising space since its inception, which is what drew GCP and PSP to this acquisition. Advertising is becoming increasingly automated, which has them bullish on the long-term upside of an independent player like Beachfront.

Beachfront has Made Tremendous Progress over the Past 10 Years

By Iris Dorbian @ PE Hub

Growth Catalyst Partners and PSP Capital have acquired a majority stake in Beachfront Media, a mobile video monetization company. No financial terms were disclosed.

The Future of Content Consumption is Increasing

By Portada-Online

Beachfront Media sees billions of video ad requests a day worldwide, currently — across mobile, Connected TVs, and desktop. The company has enjoyed more than ten years of profitable growth as it’s introduced software products for digital publishers and advertisers to transact expeditiously across platforms, at scale. Beachfront’s products have helped shape what has come to be known as programmatic advertising.

Beachfront will Provide Substantial Resources

By Matt Lopez @ VideoInk

Beachfront said GCP and PSP will provide the company with substantial resources to expand its capabilities for its multi-platform advertising business.
Beachfront also announced Bill Jennings as CEO and Rich O’Connor as CFO. The two previously teamed up in the same roles at PageScience, an ad targeting company acquired by Accent Health in 2016. Beachfront Media co-founder Frank Sinton will remain president. Sinton and co-founder, Lisa Connell, will also retain stakes in the company.

Beachfront Media has Sold a Majority Stake to Private Equity Firm

By Alex Weprin @ MediaPost

Beachfront says it delivers billions of video advertising requests across mobile devices, desktop computers and connected TV sets. Founded in 2005, it was one of the earliest entrants into the business of programmatic advertising.
Troy Noard, managing director at PSP Capital Partners, told Digital News Dailythat his company was interested in Beachfront because of the opportunities for advertising delivery in the over-the-top video and mobile video spaces

The Acquisition of Beachfront Media

By Polina Marinova @ Fortune

  • Growth Catalyst Partners and PSP Capital acquired a majority stake in Beachfront Media, an Ormond Beach, Fla.-based mobile video monetization company. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

With the Investment Beachfront will be a Much Bigger Player

By Will Richmond @ VideoNuze

Overall, the investment positions Beachfront to be a much bigger player in both mobile and CTV advertising, especially as the role of programmatic grows. Beachfront has always run very lean, so additional resources should drive many new opportunities. For Frank and Lisa, who I’ve known for many years, it appears to be a great outcome and I wish them congratulations!

Beachfront Media Is a Tremendous Company with a Strong Record of Growth

By Jon Lafayette @ Broadcasting & Cable

“Beachfront is ideally positioned to benefit from the extraordinary shift of audiences to mobile and OTT platforms,” said Jennings. “Mobile video ad spending is projected to grow from $11 billion this year to over $23 billion by 2020. Beachfront is in a perfect position.”

Beachfront’s platform will Play a Pivotal Role in the Media Industry

By Jeff Baumgartner @ Multichannel News

Beachfront Media co-founder Frank Sinton will remain president, and he and co-founder, Lisa Connell, will also retain stakes in the company.
“The future of content consumption is increasingly mobile, social and arrayed across a diverse set of screens of all shapes and sizes,” Penny Pritzker, PSP’s founder and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, said in a statement. “Beachfront’s platform-agnostic business model and world class management team will play a pivotal role in the dynamic and fast-changing media industry landscape for years to come.”

The Investment that will help Beachfront to Expand

By Kelly LiyakasaAdExchanger

Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP), a mid-market private equity a private investment firm, and PSP Capital, backed by former US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, have acquired a majority stake in mobile video ad platform Beachfront Media.
The 10-year-old mobile video SSP hadn’t taken any venture funding since its inception and has been profitable for several years, which spurred its decision to go with a private equity firm to fuel expansion, Sinton said.

Steaming on Dash Radio: 3 and D

By King Producer @ Grizzly Bear Blues

We have some news regarding the 3 and D show! We have entered into a partnership with Dash Radio to air the show twice per week. The show will be on the Dash Radio NBA channel, Nothin’ But Net. You can hear it on online or on the Dash Radio app every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm central! Excited to announce this partnership and give you more ways to listen! You can still listen here or subscribe in the iTunes store.

Connected TV Devices have Made Huge Gains in the U.S.

By Will RichmondVideoNuze

For example, Roku has been saying for a while that Netflix’s share of overall Roku users’ watch time has been steadily decreasing, with ad-supported channels gaining.  And today, Beachfront Media, a video supply-side platform, said that it saw a huge jump in CTV ad requests to over 2 billion in Q3 ’17. Beachfront works mainly with mid-tail and long-tail video providers like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll.

OTT is a Strong Contender for TV Advertising

By Alan Wolk @ Forbes

“What we’re seeing is a huge jump in viewing as people make these devices their main viewing platform,” Beachfront CEO Frank Sinton told me in a recent conversation. “People are coming for the Netflix, but then they’re discovering other apps like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll. And that’s where we are seeing a real uptick in viewership.”
The numbers in Beachfront’s study speak to that: a 97% completion rate on connected TV ads, with 100% viewability. “These apps are TV apps,” Sinton notes. “There’s no ‘below the fold’ and viewers are comfortable with the idea of TV-style programming having ad breaks. Plus they’re engaged and want to see the rest of the show. That’s a huge differentiator from mobile.”

The Latest from Beachfront Media

By Sudipto Ghosh @ MarTechSeries

Frank Sinton, CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media, said, “Our stats show that the long tail is still alive and well on Connected TV devices, with overall inventory rising quickly from great apps like WatchMojo to TED TV to Crunchyroll. The video advertising-supported ecosystem on Connected TV is seeing explosive growth and is only poised for further growth as video publishers continue to invest in content on these platforms.”

Consumers Still Appear are Willing to Tune into TV

By Frank Sinton @ TVREV

As Connected TV use grows rapidly (including a 30% increase in the US alone this year), it stands to reason that advertising would keep up with that rate. In Q3 of 2017, Beachfront’s own SSP experienced Connected TV ad requests increased to over 2 billion — or over 600 million views per month.

New Shows Spending on TV Advertising

By Jon Lafayette @ Broadcasting & Cable

Beachfront CEO Frank Sinton says in its third-quarter study, his platform saw more than 2 billion video views on connected TV in the third quarter and that ad buys are up 300 percent to 400%.
Despite the increase in inventory, Sinton says ad prices are holding steady with prices staying in the $25 to $30 range on a cost per thousand viewers (CPM) basis.
Sinton says viewing—and inventory—have increased as connected devices give viewers access to services that go beyond the leaders, such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora.


Latency is a major headache for video-crazy publishers

By Digiday

Pages with a lot of clutter, heavy ad creative and multiple tracking tags have trouble loading their videos. Another issue is that publishers still rely on outdated technology when selling their video inventory. Frank Sinton, CEO of video platform Beachfront Media, said latency alone can reduce a publisher’s video ad revenue by up to 30 percent.

Frank Sinton Talks About Beachfront Media

By Sudipto GhoshMarTech Series

I am the Founder and CEO. I started Beachfront because I saw the power of video to connect people from around the world, in many different ways. We believe that access to video should remain universal and free, and as a result, a vast majority of video will need to be ad-supported. Beachfront is a video advertising platform that supports this mission.

The Progression Of Advertising Plus the Secrets To Digital Dominance

By Frank Sinton @ TVREV

Vendors must arm publishers with the data and tools to understand, analyze, and approve the advertisements running on their owned-and-operated sites.