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How Businesses Can Connect with Customers Through Live Video

By Cheddar

Live video is not just for your friends on Instagram. Brands are increasingly using it to connect with their customers. While some may opt for Facebook Live, Brandlive caters their products specifically for businesses.
Fritz Brumder, co-founder of Brandlive, joins Cheddar to explain how live video is changing the way retailers and brands connect with their audiences.
Brandlive has worked with major retailers including Walmart, The North Face, GoPro, Adidas, Cabela’s and Ace Hardware.

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Potential Video Holiday Marketing Efforts at Brandlive

By Brent HieggelkeMarketing Land

Summer is officially over, kids are back in school, and it’s time to start diving into holiday planning. Brands can avoid the rush of the holidays by doing some of the legwork now. At Brandlive, my employer, we assembled some of the key details to start considering today — even if your potential holiday video marketing efforts are still a few months out.

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Deep Look at the Santa Barbara Tech Ecosystem

By Emma Peck

I’ve helped to found and launch tech products and businesses (including Brandlive & Kaldera consulting) and organizations (Startup Santa Barbara). I’m also the cofounder and owner of the coworking and creative space The Sandbox Santa Barbara, and serve as a mentor for many programs.

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Is Smartphone Streaming Good for Live Video?

By Streaming Media

Kathryn Jones from, Scott Grizzle from IBM Cloud Video, and Brent Hieggelke of Brandlive discuss the consequences of proliferating live cellphone video and the resurgent “good enough for the web” attitude at Live Streaming Summit.

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Live Reports from Eclipse Path’s in Oregon.

By Silicon Florist

It’s no secret that Oregon went a little crazy for the eclipse today. But did you know that the path of totality wasn’t our only claim to fame on this momentouss occasion? Portland startup Brandlive partnered with NASA to help them livestream the entire show.


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Eclipse Through The Eyes Of NASA and BrandLive.

By  SGB Media: Outdoor Magazine

Brandlive x  NASA present a live stream of the solar eclipse. Starting at 9 a.m. PDT, the stream will cover the eclipse’s path of totality as it moves across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, and “will feature views from jet aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially modified telescopes.

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63-Year-Old Award-Winning Pole Dancer

By Women You Should Know

Meet Mary Caryl Giltner… fashion designer and marketer turned international award-winning pole dancer, who proves that age is just a number. In this short video from DanceOn, Mary talks about when she got involved in the sport, the empowering effects of pole dancing, and her take on aging.

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Brandlive Partners with Pendelton

By Daphne HowlandRetail Dive

Pendleton Woolen Mills on Thursday opened a new flagship store in hometown Portland, Oregon and broadcast the event via live video platform company Brandlive, according to a company press release.

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Going Live in Retail and Getting Innovative

By John CassilloTVREV

Brandlive’s CEO Fritz Brumder added: “Brands like Pendleton recognize that today’s consumer doesn’t just buy products based on taste and that the brand behind the products is equally important. Having an authentic voice, a dedication to quality and a direct channel to the consumer allows Pendleton to continue to innovate and be true to their brand.

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Brandlive Partners with CrossBreed

By The Outdoor Wire

CrossBreed® Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the category of concealed carry, announces their new CrossBreedLive, an online social media based program created by Brandlive that will educate and entertain the audience regarding all things concealed carry. The program will have expert hosts and special guests throughout the year.

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CrossBreed and Brandlive Launch Educational Livestream

By  @ AmmoLand 

CrossBreed Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the category of concealed carry, announces their new CrossBreedLive, an online social media based program created by Brandlive which will educate and entertain the audience regarding all things concealed carry.

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Shark Week Streams to Victory in Phelps vs. Shark

By John CasilloTVREV

As more marketers dive into the live video pool, many could use a helping hand to navigate the uncertain waters. Brandlive’s Fritz Brumder provides a guide to the products to buy to produce great live content without breaking the bank. Speaking of playbooks, Joel Comm presents his own tips on building a live video marketing plan from scratch. “Let our powers combine… Go live video!”

7 Suggestions for Creating High-Quality Live Video.

By Mobile Marketing Watch

A big part of that equation is quality, and utilizing the proper equipment to capture the best video possible. Whether it’s a brand’s first video or it’s 50th, there’s always something new to learn about the latest recording tips, tricks, and techniques to produce a great video that engages an audience. But the reality is, everyone has a budget to maintain. So how do you produce high-quality live video, without breaking the bank? At Brandlive, we polled our team to uncover some favorite tools for producing great video content each and every day.

Mobile Video Viewing Taking Off in 2017; When Will Advertisers Follow?

By David BloomTVREV

First of all, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and Snapchathave signaled they intend to increase the advertising opportunities they’ll provide through mobile video. LinkedIn is adding native video capabilities. Sites such as Hulu, Brand.Live, Iris.TV and PadSquad are providing all kinds of opportunities for new kinds of video consumption.

LinkedIN Launched Native Video. This a Good Thing?

By Jason DamataTVREV

It’s worth noting that major brands like Adidas, Nike, REI and others are already leveraging (live) video to speak to consumers and internally to speak with its sales force and employees using a safe environment provided and produced by Brandlive. The brands now leverage the social networks to promote what they are doing on their owned and operated properties.

Brandlive Announces Oia Partnership

By Snowboardingdotcom

“We are excited to be partnering with OIA and extending Brandlive’s benefits to their membership,” said Tony Pullen, Brandlive’s VP of Sales. “Brandlive and OIA both believe that the live video experience should be owned and operated by the manufacturers and their product experts. OIA members will be able to use Brandlive’s platform to connect in real-time with their sales teams, rep groups, retail associates and consumers, and to conduct educational and sales-driven meetings that are highly interactive.”

Nation’s Best Sports Kicks of Live Training with Brandlive

By Joe EvansAmmoland

Brandlive, the live video platform for brands and retailers, and Nation’s Best Sports (NBS), a nationwide sporting goods buying group, announced the launch of a live video training and communications program for over 375 NBS Members operating more than 1,200 retail sporting goods stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Camber Outdoors Announces Pitchfest 2017 Sponsors And Partners


“Live video is the most authentic and scalable way for brands to connect with their audiences, and share the stories that matter,” said Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder. “We’re proud to partner with Camber Outdoors for Pitchfest 2017 and look forward to seeing how live video can increase exposure for these women entrepreneurs and their brands.”

Adidas Is Ratcheting Up Live Video for International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice

By Christopher Heine @ Adweek

Today, the sports-gear marketer is celebrating International Yoga Day and the summer solstice with a livestream on while syndicating the footage via Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing livestreaming platform Brandlive, it will be Adidas’ biggest livestream to date and will include an ecommerce play for a new line of yoga pants.

Camber Outdoors announces finalists for Pitchfest

By Brain Staff Bicycle Retailer

Pitchfest is funded in part by the REI Foundation’s Mary Anderson Legacy Grant, and this year’s event will be sponsored by Backcountry and Perkins Coie. The event will be live streamed through a partnership with Brandlive.