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Politico: BuzzFeed launches native video political advertising

Hadas Gold @ Politico — BuzzFeed will begin creating native video ads for politicians and political causes, the website will announce Monday.

Rena Shapiro, most recently advertising director for Pandora, has been named vice president, Politics & Advocacy for BuzzFeed.

Shapiro will oversee native political ads, created in conjunction with BuzzFeed’s product and branded video teams from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

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The Wall Street Journal: New-Media Companies Shift Attention to TV

Lukas I. Alpert Wall Street Journal — Companies like BuzzFeed, Vice Media and Huffington Post are known as “new-media” specialists—makers of lists, articles and videos designed to go viral online and lure young audiences. Now, they’re venturing aggressively into a decidedly old-media stronghold: television.

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