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How Facebook Prioritizes Your News Feed

By Kurt Wagner Recode

Facebook’s News Feed is one of the most powerful media streams in the world. It’s one of the core sources of information for 1.65 billion people worldwide, and whatever Facebook prioritizes in News Feed is what publishers often prioritize in their newsrooms.

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Facebook Signs Deals With Celebrities And Media Companies To Cash In On Facebook Live

By Steven Perlberg @ Deepa Seetharaman

Facebook Inc. has inked contracts with nearly 140 media companies and celebrities to create videos for its nascent live-streaming service, as the social network positions itself to cash in on a lucrative advertising market it has yet to tap—and keep its 1.65 billion monthly users engaged.

Big Media Should Embrace Digital Shift

By Amol Sharma @ Wall Street Journal

The narrative is irresistible: As young audiences migrate from television to digital media and ad dollars follow them, old-school entertainment giants are in for a world of hurt. It will be a slow, sad decline.

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Tumblr Launches Live Video Tools With Third-Party Live Streaming Apps

By Jordan Valinsky Digiday

Not one to feel left out, Tumblr is also now offering live streaming capabilities.

The Yahoo-owned blogging platform announced today it’s joining the crowded party of platforms giving its users live video tools, kicking off with an all day event spotlighting different broadcasts, like inflating a “very big thing in a very small room,” to generate buzz.

NPR Struggles to Adapt to the Digital Age

By Ellen Gamerman Wall Street Journal

Old hosts die hard in public radio.

When 73-year-old Garrison Keillor retires as host of “A Prairie Home Companion next month, he’ll leave more than 3 million weekly listeners loyal to a show that began more than 40 years ago.

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Imgur Has New Video Capabilities

By George Slefo Ad Age

The photo-sharing platform Imgur is giving marketers the ability to embed video in their promoted posts, which have previously been limited to text, images and GIFs. Discovery Channel and CNN’s Great Big Story are among the first brands to buy in with ads set to start today, Discovery’s to promote Shark Week programming starting June 26.

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VR Is Becoming the New Norm for Cinema

By Dana Knight Dazed

With VR showcases at all the forward-thinking film festivals in the world, Sundance, Tribeca and TIFF, 360 videos and installations have become a regular festival fixture. Even the more conservative Cannes had a very impressive VR display this year, alongside VR masterclasses and panels athering some of the key players in this burgeoning and exciting industry.

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Visual Content Drives High Engagement on Social Platforms

By eMarketer

March 2016 research by communications firm Lewis, which examined the use of visual content (which refers to both images and video) among marketing decision-makers, found the demands of social media and the format’s high engagement rates are key reasons for its use. According to Lewis’ study, 94% of marketing decision-makers already produced visual content. When asked about the reasons for producing such image-focused media, 67% said it was “more engaging,” while another 50% said “social media requires” its creation.

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Wattpad Announces Partnership with Turner

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

Wattpad has established itself as a home for amateur writers who wish to share their stories with the world. Now, thanks to a new deal, some of those writers will see their work aired on TV. Wattpad has announced a partnership with Turner to adapt some of its best stories for broadcast on TBS and TNT.

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Tribune Media Launches Auction Of Its Digital and Data Business

By Liana B. Baker @ Reuters

Tribune Media Co, one of the largest U.S. TV station operators, has launched an auction to divest its digital and data business in a sale it hopes will fetch at least $800 million, according to three people familiar with the matter.

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Facebook Releases New Details On How Their Research Is Conducted

By Deepa Seetharaman & Daniela Hernandez @ Wall Street Journal

Facebook Inc. published on Tuesday new details on how it conducts research using the personal information it collects on Facebook users, amid a flurry of efforts to create privacy and ethical standards for corporate research involving human data.

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Facebook VP Says Our News Feeds Will Be All Video In The Next 5 Years

By Matt McGee @ Marketing Land

If you think you’re seeing more video in your Facebook News Video now than ever before, just wait. If one Facebook VP’s prediction comes true, it’ll be “all video” within the next five years.

Nicola Mendelsohn, the company’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London today that Facebook “will be definitely mobile” in five years and predicted that it “will be probably all video,” too.

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Federal Court Upholds New Regulations for Net Neutrality

By Jim Puzzanghera @ Los Angeles Times

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld tough new regulations for online traffic in a major victory for President Obama and a blow to telecommunications companies, which challenged the net neutrality rules.

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Tech Companies Race To Develop Machine Intelligent

By Jay Greene @ Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Corp.’s $26.2 billion deal to buy LinkedIn Corp. is the latest turn in a race by the software giant and its competitors to mine vast quantities of data—searches, emails, social networks, browsing behavior—for insights that would help their products serve and even anticipate customer needs.

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Anti-Ad Blockers Are On The Rise

By Jack Marshall @ Wall Street Journal

As consumer adoption of online ad-blocking tools continues to grow, publishers and media companies are experimenting with various ways to limit the impact of ad-blocking on their businesses.

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Sale of LinkedIn Is A Sign Of What’s Next For Social Media Companies

By Seth Fiegerman @ Mashable

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Groupon were months if not years away from their public offerings. Pinterest and Snapchat, meanwhile, were still in their infancy. LinkedIn, less sexy than these companies but still growing sales quickly, saw its stock more than double on its first day of trading from investor appetite for the seemingly unlimited potential of social media businesses.

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Apple Unveils News Publisher Tools and More At WWDC

By Laura Hazard Owen @ Nieman Lab

Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote on Monday wasn’t particularly momentous as these things go, but the company offered a peek at upcoming changes to its mobile, desktop, TV, and watch software. Here are a few developments that might be of particular interest to news orgs:

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CEO of Thrillist Says Digital Media Is In The ‘Golden Age’

By Jeremy Barr @ Ad Age

Ben Lerer, CEO of Thrillist Media Group, says he isn’t stressed. “It would be a much more stressful role if we weren’t profitable,” he said. “If we didn’t have a north star and a mission we believed in, and had full cooperation and enrollment in.”

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Our Posts On Social Media Are Helping Hollywood Create The Next Hits

By Angus Whitley @ Bloomberg

As once-monolithic television audiences splinter and migrate to the Internet, viewers have unwittingly turned the creative process upside down. Their social media posts, blogs and file downloads are telling streaming companies and producers what actors, writers and themes to weave together on-screen for the best chance of bottom-line success.

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Alex Yao Looks To Create “The Next Mega-Internet Company You Haven’t Head Of”

By Sanjena Sathian @ OZY

For a former philosophy major with an appetite for the big picture, Alex Yao has a dream job: to survey the world, estimate its desires and buy a whole bunch of companies that cater to its appetites.