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Facebook Signs Deals With Celebrities And Media Companies To Cash In On Facebook Live

By Steven Perlberg @ Deepa Seetharaman

Facebook Inc. has inked contracts with nearly 140 media companies and celebrities to create videos for its nascent live-streaming service, as the social network positions itself to cash in on a lucrative advertising market it has yet to tap—and keep its 1.65 billion monthly users engaged.

Video Creator Platform Rumble Makes a Deal With Studio71

By Geoff Weiss @ Tubefilter

Toronto-based Rumble, a service enabling video creators to host, share, monetize, and distribute content across multiple platforms such as AOL, YouTube, and Dailymotion from one centralized account, has just inked a deal with Studio71, an MCN that reps top creators like Flula Borg.

Sony Announces Investment in Interlude

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

Interlude has picked a new Hollywood partner. The studio, known for creating interactive videos, has landed an investment from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

An exact dollar figure for the deal was not announced, though Variety describes it as a “multi-million dollar strategic investment.” The funding is specifically directed toward Interlude’s Eko platform, on which the studio posts its most exciting projects.

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YouTuber Mitchell Davis Gets Creative With Snapchat

By Geoff Weiss @ Tubefilter

When he’s getting ready to film one of his now-famous Snapchat stories, Mitchell Davis fires up his mobile phone and heads straight for the bathroom. He flips through the app’s ever-evolving lens assortment and examines his countenance amid the contortions — talking to himself in the mirror for about 20 minutes just to get in the zone. He may write a little bit beforehand, Davis tells Tubefilter, but that’s about it. Then he presses record.

YouTube Launches New Director Tool

By Amy Gesenhues @ Marketing Land

YouTube just launched a new tool called “YouTube Director” — a video ad-creation tool aimed at SMBs that allows them to film professional video ads from their phone.

According to the announcement, YouTube Director includes a suite of products “… that make video ads more accessible to businesses.”

Amazon Competes Against YouTube

By TJ Leonard @ Recode

When it comes to distributing your digital video content, two things (and maybe only two things) are clear: First, if you are a content creator, you have more distribution and monetization options that offer scale than at any point in human history. Second, the industry is evolving at a rate that promises everything will have changed by this time next year.

Susan Wojcicki Weighs in on the Transformation of YouTube

By Jack Nicas @ Wall Street Journal

Susan Wojcicki holds a unique place in the history of the technology industry. These days she plays a key role in the future of media and entertainment, too.

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Google Makes YouTube VR-Friendly

By Nathan Ingraham @ Engadget

If virtual reality is going to take off the way Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony and a host of other smaller players think it will, it’s going to need great content. Video games, Oculus’ first focus, are a logical place to start, but it’s clear now that VR will also need mainstream video content if it’s going to be a hit. That puts YouTube — and by extension, Google — in a pretty strong position of power. When the company’s just-announced Daydream VR experience starts arriving in the hands of consumers later this year, a brand-new YouTube VR app will be front and center.

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Time Inc. Launches ‘Instant’ Video Publication

By Todd Spangler @ Variety

Time Inc. is looking to reinvent the celebrity fanzine for Generation Z.

The media and publishing firm is training firepower on digital talent like PewDiePie, Tyler Oakley, Smosh and Lele Pons with “Instant,” a new video-only publication dedicated to covering the lives and creative projects of the Internet famous.

Google Cardboard Lets iOs Users View YouTube Videos in VR Mode

By David Meyer @ Fortune

Back in November, Google updated its YouTube Android app to let people watch any video in the virtual-reality mode that’s tailored to the company’s Cardboard viewers.

Now that same functionality is available to Apple iPhone users, thanks to an update that rolled out yesterday.

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Influencers Are The Best People to Promote Your Brand

By David Schwab @ Forbes

The ever-changing celebrity-brand landscape continues to evolve. Just in the past ten years, we have seen an added dimension of endorsers, from athletes and actors to now chefs and social stars. And in 2016, the shift continues. In our recent survey of 200+ brand marketers, almost half (48%) said that a “Lifestyle Expert” is currently the type of influencer most in demand for brand and celebrity partnerships.

YouTube’s New Ad Product Identifies Viral Hits Before They Take Off

By Jeanine Poggi @ Advertising Age

At its event during the Digital Content NewFronts, YouTube set out to solve one of the biggest challenges marketers have had on the platform — identifying viral videos before they take off. To help brands find the next emerging YouTube stars and videos, the company announced the latest version of its Google Preferred product — Breakout Videos.

Networks and Brands Are Working With Social Influencers

By Tim Baysinger Adweek

With marketers and media buyers putting social stars PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and Logan Paul into heavy rotation, multichannel networks now are incubating the next wave of talent through a host of development programs such as Maker Studios’ Spark initiative, which is funding some 30 different creator projects. The bonus in doing so, say buyers, is having greater control over emerging brands.

YouTube Updates Content ID In Favor of Video Creators

By Matt Brian @ Engadget

YouTube’s Content ID was meant to make things easier for rightsholders who wanted to ensure that their work wasn’t stolen and reuploaded. However, it never really worked out like that. The reality is that users, whether they are prominent or not, have repeatedly had their earnings frozen after publishers began issuing monetization requests for using small video clips that are legally covered under fair use. Now, Google has decided it wants to “help fix that frustrating experience,” by developing a new solution that will allow channel owners to continue earning from their creations while they fight a potential dispute.

Tubular Labs Is Introducing A New Set of Metrics for Web Video

By Mike Shields @ Wall Street Journal

Marketers are spending more of their ad budgets on Web video. And they’re increasingly paying digital publishers and social media influencers to feature products in their videos.

But given the ever-expanding universe of digital media creators, figuring out which ones to work with only gets more challenging for brands.

YouTube Redesigns Their Mobile App

By Todd Spangler @ Variety

The new design, available for the YouTube app on iOS and Android, features large, high-resolution images to make it easier for users to identify videos they want to watch, and a prominent icon highlights the creator for every video.

3 Musketeers Launches A YouTube Channel Geared Towards Gen Z

By Garett Sloane @ Digiday

Mars, which has plenty of experience marketing top-shelf candy like M&M’s, Snickers and Skittles, is looking to revive 3 Musketeers with this digital-only campaign. In a bit of reverse influencer marketing, the brand has hired three unknowns, whom it hopes to turn into YouTube stars.

Influence Is Everything – Social Influencers Connecting Brands to New Audiences

The Guardian and Red Consultancy offer up lessons in this piece for brands hoping to tap the power of top influencers, including some lessons not all brands will be comfortable embracing, like giving over more control to the creators who know their audiences.

Other lessons include:

  • Being flexible with the platform you’re using. YouTube once was the only option; no more.
  • Online audiences are growing up; pioneers are now in their 20s and even 30s. So too are many of their followers. This can change the message, the products being leveraged and more.
  • Collaborate, not just with influencers, but even with non-competing other brands. Both sides can win.
  • Live streaming is going to be hot. It’s new territory and barely understood.

By The Guardian

Over the last six years, a new breed of online influencers has emerged. From super-star bloggers to YouTube celebrities, these “social influencers” often have huge followings across multiple platforms – and have become an increasingly attractive way for brands to reach new audiences.

YouTube Newest Feature is Live 360-Degree Video Streaming

By Ben Popper @ The Verge

Like any Bay Area resident with a pulse, Neal Mohan is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors, but as a busy Google executive, he can’t make every home game in person. “That courtside seat is limited by the laws of physics,” says Mohan ruefully. Luckily, he won’t be bound by those rules for very long. This morning, in front of the biggest players in broadcast media, Mohan took the wraps of YouTube’s newest feature: live-streaming, 360-degree video. “Now anyone, with just their phone, can have that front row experience without having to be there.”

Enter Roker Media: Al Roker’s Brand New Live Video Network

By Mike Shields Wall Street Journal

As Facebook, Twitter and several other tech giants shift their focus toward live video streaming, it’s natural that a crop of contenders would emerge angling to become the pioneering programmers for this medium. Enter the “Today” show’s Al Roker, and Ronald C. Pruett Jr., who recently ran the infomercial staple As Seen on TV. The two partners have launched Roker Media, which aspires to be one of the first live-streaming content and advertising networks.