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Video Distribution Tool Maker Epoxy Acquired

By Paresh Dave Los Angeles Times

Venice start-up Epoxy, whose software enables online video makers to distribute clips to multiple social media apps at once, has been acquired for an undisclosed amount.

The buyer announced Tuesday is Vemba, a Toronto company that helps video makers get their videos onto news apps and other online publishers. Integrating Epoxy into its service means Vemba should be able to help its users more effectively get videos onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other apps that are increasingly becoming key publishing platforms for media companies. Vemba’s customers include magazine giant Conde Nast and Los Angeles Times owner Tronc.

Epoxy, founded in 2012, had received more than $8 million from investors. Both it and Vemba shared an investor: Los Angeles’ Upfront Ventures. The Video Ink reported late Monday that Epoxy Chief Executive Juan Bruce will assume an advisory role at Vemba.

Vemba Buys Social Publishing Platform Epoxy

By Jeff Baumgartner @ Multichannel News

Toronto-based Vemba said it will continue to service the 87 MCNs and 70,000 creators Epoxy has acquired. They said Epoxy surpassed 5 million monthly YouTube views earlier this year.  Its partners include Fullscreen, Awesomeness TV, Studio 71, Whistle Sports, and GT Channel, among others.

Epoxy Bonds with Toronto Video Platform

By Annlee Ellingson @ L.A. BIZ

The company was “looking to introduce tools to manage across multiple distinct audiences,” CEO Garrick Tiplady told me via email. “From a social distribution perspective, Epoxy was a natural fit.”

Epoxy, which makes it easy for video producers to create content and manage audiences across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine, will be integrated into Vemba’s platform, and Vemba will continue to serve Epoxy’s 87 multi-channel networks and 70,000 creators. Earlier this year, Epoxy surpassed 5 billion monthly views on YouTube.

Epoxy Acquired by Vemba

By VideoInk

Vemba also inherits a strong engineering team, which will be folded into Vemba’s existing roster, and a significant presence in LA. Reigning Epoxy CEO Juan Bruce, who sources claim was on the verge of being “ousted by the board,” will step into an advisory role while Epoxy co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jason Ahmad will remain as part of the executive team as SVP of Engineering. Both companies deny Bruce’s role to be anything but voluntary.

Vemba Acquires Social Media Publishing Platform Epoxy

By Geoff Weiss @ Tubefilter

One-year-old Vemba said it acquired Epoxy for its social publishing tools and video distribution tech across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, according to a release. Vemba will continue to serve the 87 MCNs and 70,000 creators that Epoxy has cultivated throughout its four-year reign — though Epoxy’s tech will be fully integrated into the Vemba platform. Epoxy says it surpassed five billion monthly YouTube views earlier this year.

Vemba Acquires Epoxy Social Publishing Platform

By Rapid TV News

Aiming to be the only online video solution offering ‘seamless’ video distribution across all content platforms, Vemba has acquired social platform Epoxy.

Toronto-based Vemba has a stated mission of helping media companies distribute, monetise and measure video and says that it acquired Epoxy for its social publishing tools and video distribution technologies. Content from Vemba’s discoverable marketplace works with any video player technology and offers real-time video analytics across all player environments.

Vemba Picks Up Epoxy

By Chris Tribbey @ Broadcasting & Cable

“No other video platform in the world allows publishers and creators to distribute content across virtually every channel from one tool,” Vemba CEO Garrick Tiplady said in a statement. “Epoxy offers the missing social link that our customers need, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Vemba team.”

Epoxy’s technology offers video producers an avenue for creating content across every major social platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Epoxy announced earlier this year that it had surpassed five billion monthly YouTube views.

YouTube Millionaires: Jack Baran

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

Jack Baran is evolving into one of YouTube’s most versatile vloggers. The 19-year-old from Fairfield, Connecticut creates videos on his thatsojack YouTube channel, where he has more than 1.6 million subscribers. His content covers a wide variety of topics: He discusses his favorite music, shares his tastes in fashion, produces skits and sketches that often discuss the differences between guys and girls, and collaborates with many of his fellow creators.

Check Out NikkieTutorials in This Week’s YouTube Millionaires

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

The phenomenon of makeup tutorials is an international one, and in the Netherlands, one of the most popular beauty vloggers is NikkieTutorials. Nikkie, who is partnered with the Divimove network, routinely wows her subscribers with fabulous looks. Nikkie, who studied at a makeup school in Amsterdam, is truly adept when it comes to cosmetics, and in her videos, her expertise shines through. We talked to her after she surpassed one million subscribers:

YouTube Millionaires: Jeanine Amapola

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

Jeanine Amapola‘s YouTube videos are cheerful and upbeat, and her positive attitude is paying off big time. Amapola, who recently graduated from the University of Texas, has over the past few years found success on YouTube with her collection of beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and DIY videos. Now, Amapola, who is partnered with StyleHaul, has surpassed one million subscribers, so we asked her some questions about her channel.

Twitter Replaces Head of Consumer Product

By Kurt Wagner @ Recode

Twitter’s consumer product boss Jeff Seibert, who just took over Twitter’s core product team back in September, is no longer running Twitter product, according to multiple sources. Seibert, who co-founded Crashlytics, will go back to running Twitter’s developer product suite Fabric, which he was doing before the promotion in the fall.

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This Week on YouTube Millionaires: Teni Panosian

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

The latest beauty vlogger whose makeup skills have vaulted her into our spotlight is Teni Panosian. Panosian, who was raised in Los Angeles, runs a blog called Miss Maven alongside her channel, and her viewers trust her for her expertise and her confident tone. After she hit one million YouTube subscribers, we got in touch to ask her a few questions about her channel.

YouTube Millionaires Features Logdotzip

By Joshua J. Cohen @ Tubefilter

Tyler Pappas‘ trajectory to YouTube stardom can perhaps be traced back to a preadolescent affinity for a Japanese manga series about gaming. It was by way of Yu-Gi-Oh that the now-24-year-old first found himself to be a part of an online community and came up with the name that would eventually become the banner under which he’d amass an amazing YouTube audience. Logdotzip was conceived way back in 2006, but Pappas didn’t start posting videos to the channel until 2007. In the year’s since, he’s upped his game, embarking on an ambitious two-videos-per-day schedule with uploads showcasing a range of programming rarely seen in the gaming community.

Manny Mua is Featured on This Week’s YouTube Millionaires

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

YouTube’s community of female beauty vloggers is large and well-established, but at the same time, there is a smaller group of men who want to show off their looks, too. One of those “boy beauty” creators is Manny Mua, who has gathered a large audience by offering makeup tutorials to his viewers, sharing a few of his favorite cosmetic items, and exuding confidence all the way. In order to help Manny celebrate his recent million-subscriber milestone, we asked him a few questions about his digital success:

YouTube Millionaires Features People Are Awesome

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

If you want to watch fearless individuals as they dive off bridges, leap over cars, hit insane trick shots, and pull off whatever other audacious stunts come to mind, People Are Awesome should be your next destination. The channel is known for its regular compilations, which collect user-generated videos and assemble them into exhilarating montages. The People Are Awesome brand has stood out since posting its first compilation in 2014, but it truly took off after it was acquired by Jukin Media in September 2015. Since then, it has accelerated its audience, and it recently passed one million subscribers. To celebrate that milestone, we talked to the channel’s founders, Dan Rice and Jean Coffey.


Yolanda Gampp is Featured on This Week’s YouTube Millionaires

By Sam Gutelle Tubefilter

On YouTube, Yolanda Gampp is the queen of crazy cakes. Gampp is the woman behind How To Cake It, a YouTube channel on which she bakes up all sorts of offbeat confectionery delights. In her videos, Gampp has made cakes shaped like watermelons, brains, minions, and dozens of other objects, and more than a million viewers have rewarded her ingenuity by subscribing to her channel. She’s receiving some offline accolades, too; she just won a Webby Award for Best Online Film & Video How-to & DIY Channel. To celebrate that milestone, we spoke to Gampp, who is partnered with the Kin Community network.

Byron Talbott is Featured This Week on YouTube Millionaires

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

For Byron Talbott, YouTube is a family affair. The 30-year-old creator lives with his wife Rachel, and both he and her run their own thriving online video and social media channels. For Byron, the focus is food, as he is a trained chef who possesses plenty of skills in the kitchen. Thanks to the quality of his recipes, Byron — who is partnered with the Kin Community network on YouTube — has now achieved one million subscribers.

DramaFever is Profiled in This Week’s Installment of YouTube Millionaires

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

This installment of YouTube Millionaires is brought to you by Epoxy, the premier company that helps multi-platform creators and digital networks distribute videos, engage with fans, measure success, and grow their communities across the social web. Check out Epoxy’s new Sharing Studio, a place for quickly creating and distributing native social content from your YouTube channels.

This Week’s YouTube Millionaires Features Mike Gaston, CEO of Cut

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter 

This installment of YouTube Millionaires is brought to you by Epoxy, the premier company that helps multi-platform creators and digital networks distribute videos, engage with fans, measure success, and grow their communities across the social web.

Check out Epoxy’s new Sharing Studio, a place for quickly creating and distributing native social content from your YouTube channels.

‘Think Tank’ on this week’s episode of YouTube Millionaires

Sam Gutelle Tubefilter — Our YouTube Millionaires column tracks channels that have surpassed YouTube’s most significant milestone, but by the time some channels reach the million-subscriber plateau, they have changed dramatically from their initial concept. A great example is ThinkTank, which began in 2011 as TYT University, a college-themed spin-off of The Young Turks (TYT). In 2015, co-hosts John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston led a re-brand of the channel, molding it into a more general hub called ThinkTank. The pivot was a success, and now that ThinkTank is over one million subscribers, we sat down with Iadarola to talk about the process through which TYT University morphed into something bigger. Click here to read more at Tubefilter.