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Tubefilter: YouTube Millionaires: What’s Up Moms Hosts “All Try To Be The Best We Can In Our Roles”

Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter — For new moms, a trio of content creators have provided an invaluable resource. Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff, and Brooke Mahan are the three women at the center of What’s Up Moms, a YouTube channel that provides regular parenting tips. What’s Up Moms videos range from helpful “mom hacks” to elaborate song parodies, but the channel always maintains the upbeat, colorful tone its viewers love. Now that What’s Up Moms has surpassed one million subscribers, we spoke to its creative team:

The New York Times: Getting YouTube Stars to Sell Your Product

Eilene Zimmerman @ The New York Times — YouTube influencers are a sought-after breed. One word from these connoisseurs of cool, these heralders of hipness, and traffic to a website or store soars, products fly off shelves and brands become blockbusters overnight. But these people can be picky, quirky and hard to connect with — especially for a new brand roaming about the Internet in search of some love and respect.

Tubefilter: Can YouTube’s Video Claiming Policy Be Improved?

Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter — A string of controversial video takedown notices has brought one of the online video community’s favorite hobby horses back into the spotlight. Since the start of 2016, prominent content creators like I Hate Everything and Doug “The Nostalgia Critic” Walker have posted videos documenting their respective struggles with rights holders who issue claims against their respective videos. In particular, one of Walker’s recent videos has been viewed more than 1.1 million times and has left viewers asking “where’s the fair use?

StreamDaily: YouTube hunts for the next big thing

Bree Rody-Mantha @ StreamDaily — YouTube has opened up entries for the latest iteration of its NextUp program, a week-long camp designed to give up-and-coming online creators a leg up on technical production and branding opportunities. The program has already launched in the U.S. and the U.K., and is gearing up in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Toronto and Mumbai (cities which are all home to YouTube Spaces). 

Indian Country Today Media Network: Video: Rare White Gyrfalcon Photobombs Northern Lights Cam

Indian Country Today — Meet the rare white gyrfalcon that has been perching on a camera in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, that was set up to take video of the Northern Lights. The camera was installed on behalf of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, a non-profit educational and research facility, by, a multimedia group that puts camera eyes on nature around the world. The gyrfalcon photobomb is a bonus.

Variety: YouTube Red: What’s More Important Than Its Content (Guest Column)

Juan Bruce @ Variety — Three original movies and an original series debuted this week (Feb. 10) on YouTube’s Red subscription-video service. The press and traditional entertainment are excited to see the new content, report on its out-of-the-gate performance and pass judgement. The smart minds are more interested in the context of the experience and its fit with creators and their fan communities.

Los Angeles Times: These Stanford graduates want to help you run a YouTube empire

David Pierson @ Los Angeles Times — Without the means to hire a team of publicists, agents and assistants, Dominique and Franco turned to software developed by a Venice start-up called Epoxy to maximize their digital influence. The company’s tools bolster the art and science of Internet fame, giving so-called content creators, in the parlance of the digital video world, a badly needed edge at a time when competition is fierce.

VideoInk: Epoxy Enables Instant Video Replies to Fan Comments Via Mobile App

Todd longwell @ VideoInk — Engagement is one of the keys to success for creators in the online video space, and few things short of in-person hugs engage more than direct video shout-outs. With that in mind, Venice, Ca.-based Epoxy announced today that it is launching a new feature in its iOS app that enables creators to directly post video replies to fan comments across social platforms.

VideoInk: Why It’s Significant a YouTuber is Hosting BBC’s ‘Top Gear’

Juan Bruce VideoInk — The most watched TV show on the planet now has a YouTuber host. Like many car enthusiasts, I’ve been a fan of Chris Harris since he first started publishing videos in 2007, and now as he joins the BBC’s “Top Gear,” the world’s most widely-watched factual show, he is a prime example of the blurring boundaries between online and traditional media.

Digiday: 5 things we learned about YouTube in 2015

Sahil Patel Digiday — It was a busy year for YouTube. Google’s video giant has changed in many ways over the past 12 months, both due to internal shifts to its business as well as an evolving online video landscape that’s breeding new competition for eyeballs and ad dollars. Here are five things we learned about YouTube in 2015, and what it means for the company and the online video industry:

TVREV: Four Trends That Shaped Online Video in 2015

Juan Bruce @ TV[R]EV — The business of online video and the creators who draw billions of fans there saw several significant shifts this year as incumbents and well-funded newcomers launched new business models and new platforms that foreshadow a more fragmented world of online video in 2016. It’ll be some time before all the implications of this year’s big trends are fully understood and adapted to, but in the meantime here are trends of the year that will shape the future.

Silicon Valley: Move over Hollywood, this is the age of the YouTube star

Karen D’Souza @ Silicon Valley — Issa “Twaimz” Tweimeh got his big break two years ago at Vidcon, the annual YouTube convention in Anaheim. He stood in line for four hours to meet his idol, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson, and present him with a drawing of Dawson’s beloved dog.

TweakTown: Thanks to the iPhone 6S camera, 4K will now be ‘mainstream’

Anthony Garreffa @ TweakTown – Apple revealed its new iPhones a couple of weeks ago, with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus featuring 13-megapixel rear-facing cameras that are 4K-capable. This is a big jump from the 8-megapixel shooters on their predecessors, that were only capable of 1080p video capture.

Epoxy Launches Mobile App for Multi-Platform Social Video Management

Todd Longwell @ VideoInk — Venice, Ca.-based Epoxy announced today that it is releasing a new app on iOS and Android platforms to help creators more easily engage with fans and manage their multi-platform video businesses on-the-go.

Epoxy Invites Creators Over To New Open House

Epoxy hosted an office unveiling event this week at their headquarters in Venice Beach, California. The company conceived of in 2012 with nearly $9 million worth of funding to date that seeks to provide synchronization and heightened visibility for creators across the digital space, has expanded its physical location with a brand new studio space on the premises, and had a party to show the space off to creators and networks. An impressive locale, Epoxy’s venue also has the storied history of being designed by famed architect Frank Gehry and the former home of Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper (#facts).

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