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Interview with Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO, PadSquad

By Sudipto Gosh @  MarTech Series

PadSquad was launched midway through 2012 to solve both of those challenges. We created a mobile software platform that formatted web content for smaller devices so publishers could deliver a better user experience for their audiences. In tandem, we focused our efforts on building the most amazing mobile creative campaigns for brands on mobile, so they can delight consumers in a polite way that is memorable.

PadSquad’s CEO: Stop Blaming Consumers For Terrible Ads

By Mobile Marketing Watch

Daniel Meehan, Founder & CEO at PadSquad The internet is made for advertisers. Unfortunately, most brands are not taking advantage of this.

Revenue Survey Points To The Maturing Of The Programmatic Market

By AdExchanger

A handful of smaller mobile companies are growing like weeds, but revenue is still middling. Mobile publisher-centric software player PadSquad, for example, grew 912.91% with modest revenues of $10.6 million.

Mobile Video Viewing Taking Off in 2017; When Will Advertisers Follow?

By David BloomTVREV

First of all, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and Snapchathave signaled they intend to increase the advertising opportunities they’ll provide through mobile video. LinkedIn is adding native video capabilities. Sites such as Hulu, Brand.Live, Iris.TV and PadSquad are providing all kinds of opportunities for new kinds of video consumption.

Padsquad’s Vvital Launch Capitalizes on Vertical Video for Mobile Web

By John CasilloTVREV

PadSquad combines the power of mobile rich media with the impact of vertical video to create a premium interscroller format that politely engages with mobile users. To-date, the product is outperforming traditional video ads with a completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks, according to Padsquad. So far, brands like Elizabeth Arden, ABC, Delta, Univision, Barilla and Pillsbury have all signed on.

Cannes’ Festival of Creativity is the Cradle of MarTech Innovation

By Sudipto Gosh MarTech Series

After the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Modern Marketing Experience 2017, we described the growing prominence of personalization of content. From Cannes, Daniel Meehan, CEO, PadSquad, also had similar thoughts to share.

OPINION: Viewability Isn’t Everything

By MarTech Series

The following is a guest contributed post by Jen Gavin, VP Brand and Ad Innovation at PadSquad. Ad viewability isn’t everything. In fact, it’s not much at all. It’s a b.s. metric, unless paired with other key performance data to determine the true success or…

PadSquad Vertical Video Ads Grow 1200% On Heels of Snapchat

By Mike Gasbara @TVREV

Since launching vertical video ad formats in January 2016, PadSquad’s vertical ads growth is more than 1200%. Further, the company’s vertical video interscroller product is outperforming traditional video ads with a video completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks.

A Letter To Adtech Vendors: Innovate Or Get Out Of The Way!

By Daniel MeehanMarTech Series

Engaging new ad formats are here, and they’re ready to be deployed. However, there’s a bottleneck with regard to improving the overall inventory of the web (and especially mobile) advertising: adtech vendors.

Snapchat Buys Placed

By AdExchanger

Google’s plan to deploy built-in ad filters for its Chrome browser has raised hackles among some agencies, vendors and supply-siders. The strategy could weed out bad actors in the supply chain, but “do you feel comfortable with Google being the arbiter of what appears on a page as a user, and more importantly as a publisher?” Daniel Meehan, CEO of the publisher ad tech firm PadSquad, tells Ad Age. Apple raised the stakes further on Monday, releasing an updated Safari with blockers for ad trackers and autoplay videos.

Publishers and Ad Tech Player Frightened by Googles New Ad Filter

By Garett Sloane Ad Age

“Google is inserting themselves as the filter of good ads,” said Daniel Meehan, CEO of PadSquad, an ad firm that helps publishers. “That could benefit publishers and users by getting some of the bad actors that are still out there.”
PadSquad has developed some flashy units that readers might run into on the mobile web, but Meehan said they aren’t the kind that Google and its better ads group have identified for filtering.

MMS Panel Interview With PadSquad Media CEO

By Daniel Meehan @ LinkedIn

PadSquad created non-standard innovative ad units for Timberland resulting in: 6x the sales lift compared to standard banners and+140% engagement benchmarks.

Snap Unveils New Opportunity for Mobile Advertisers

By Daniel Meehan @ AdExchanger

Today’s column is written by Daniel Meehan, CEO at PadSquad.You can’t monetize poor creative. Yet so many content creators, brands and publishers simply “turn on” advertising with an automated ad tech solution and check the proverbial box. The interruptive nature of many ads today are such that countless users simply walk away entirely.

This Month in Ad Tech

By AdPushUp

Daniel Meehan, founder and CEO of mobile advertising technology provider PadSquad, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the success Timberland has had with custom ad formats—and why ad tech players can no longer afford to ignore creative. 

Mobile Ad Creative Can’t Be Lost to Tech

By Daniel Meehan @ Mobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post first published by MAW from Daniel Meehan, CEO at Pad Squad. How much time does your agency or brand spend on strategy? On technology? On planning, budgeting, reporting? Probably a lot, I’ll bet. Now, how much do you spend on the creative that’s actually at the core of your advertising?

Mobile Ad Creative More Important Than Ever

By Ginny Marvin @ MarketingLand

New York-based PadSquad is aiming to shake things up in the mobile ad creative world. The firm — platform meets creative agency — is focused on creating new rich media formats for mobile. It counts Intel, Verizon, The Home Depot, L’Oréal, Cover Girl, PepsiCo and Best Buy among its customers. On Wednesday, it launched five new formats.

PadSquad Releases New Mobile Ad Formats

By Kristina Knight @ Bizreport

“The standard approach to mobile in-stream ads disrupt user experiences and don’t leave positive impressions on consumers,” said Daniel Meehan, Founder and CEO at PadSquad. “We take a multi-dimensional, interactive and unique approach to each brand we work with to transform new mobile ad formats into customized brand experiences.”

Ad Tech is Only As Good As The Creative It Supports

By Alan Wolk @ TVREV

There’s one upstart, however, that’s looking to put a stop to that. PadSquad, a mobile agency/production company founded by Daniel Meehan, has been creating new and innovative ad units for mobile. And because they’ve been so successful, other agencies started paying homage to PadSquad, copying their units and creative ideas.

Facebook Rolls Out Header Bidding Initiative

By Yuyu Chen @ Digiday

Many publishers need new revenue streams when it comes to mobile web, as their existing desktop stacks and partners are unable to recreate the yield in mobile. This is especially challenging when a publisher has more mobile inventory than desktop, according to Dan Meehan, CEO and founder of mobile software PadSquad. “FAN lets its advertisers find targeted consumers who are matched with Facebook data on the mobile web,” said Meehan. “This drives quality CPM demand at scale for publishers and the header bidding partners who provide the connections.”