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Bald Eagle Live Cam: Second Chick Born!

By Roaring.Earth

The Sauces Bald Eagle Cam is made possible through an educational partnership between the National Park Service, Montrose Settlements Program, Institute for Wildlife Studies, Ventura County Office of Education, The Nature Conservancy, and


Livestream the Northern Lights Direct from Canada

By Derek Markham @

The camera, which is set up at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (23 km east of the town of Churchill, Manitoba), serves up a livestream courtesy of, allowing viewers to see Northern Lights displays and wildlife (such as polar bears). According to Explore, the location of the Centre along the Hudson Bay seacoast is “ideally situated” for diverse wildlife sightings because three major biomes come together there — marine, northern boreal forest, and tundra.

Watch The Northern Lights Live from Churchill

By Mohamed Omar @ HuffPost Canada

The Northern Lights are a marvel to behold, but getting to see them up close isn’t exactly easy.
But now, thanks to a live webcam from set up in Churchill, Man., you can take in the beauty of the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your own home. (Or, you know, anywhere with an Internet connection.)
Catch the magic in a broadcast from’sFacebook page, embedded below, or watch the YouTube video above for a round-the-clock stream:

This Camera Lets You Experience the Northern Lights, Minus the Chilly Temperatures

By Catherine Garcia The Week

Tuesday is the best forecast of the year for aurora borealis, and is broadcasting live footage through the night. Charles Annenberg Weingarten, founder of, said seeing the northern lights is part of “a universal bucket list for all of us,” and through the website, people can watch “in the comfort of your home with your extended family.”

Pearls of the Planet: Brown Bears

By Link TV

Explore takes us up-close and personal with brown bears living in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Captured on live high-definition webcams over a year, the majestic bears catch salmon, mate, and rear their young. The occasional moose, wolves and owls appear, while the Aurora Borealis swirls overhead. Without narration or music, explore s “Pearls of the Planet” presents the natural sights and sounds of the far North.

How Photos and Video are Helping to Save Whales Across Canada

By Alexandra Pope @ Canadian Geographic

Throughout the summer months of 2016, an underwater camera attached to a Churchill, Man. wildlife tour boat broadcast the antics of migratory beluga whales in Hudson Bay to an adoring global audience. The footage also proved a boon to researchers, who encouraged the public to use the webcam’s screenshot feature to capture still images of newborn calves, as well as distinctive markings that could be used to identify and track individual whales. “As far as I know, there’s no other investigation of beluga from under the water on this scale,” one researcher, Stephen Petersen, told CBC Manitoba. The Beluga Boat Cam will return in summer 2017.

New York City Opera’s “Fallujah” Explores Post-War Emotions

By  @ New York Classical Review

Conductor Kristof Van Grysperre, associate conductor at the Long Beach Opera (which co-produced Fallujah, in a 21st-century partnership with the educational website, led the 11-piece orchestra with aplomb; the rest of the run will probably be a little more polished. And stage and production designer Andreas Mitisek, LBO’s artistic and general director, effectively transferred the spare Long Beach production to the intimate Duke stage.

NYC Opera to Present New York Premiere of Iraq War Opera

By BroadwayWorld

Fallujah is made possible in part through the generous support of, a direct charitable activity of The Annenberg Foundation. was created by filmmaker and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten to champion the selfless acts of others, inspire lifelong learning and help people fall in love with the world again. is home to more than 300 original films and a library of world-class photography from all over the globe. In addition, is home to Pearls of the Planet, the world’s largest collection of live HD cameras focused on nature. With more than 100 cameras providing people an unprecedented view into the lives of amazing animals and beautiful places around the world, explore.orgmaintains a vibrant, online community. As an advertising-free philanthropic media organization, prides itself on purity and regularly provides grants to organizations focused on improving the human condition and the planet.

You Need These 9 Animal Cams in Your Life

By Cara Cannon Byington Cool Green Science

It’s important to note here that the majority of cams on this list owe a tremendous debt to, a philanthropic media organization and division of the Annenberg Foundation. Their site is an amazing compendium of animal cams, from bears swimming in the Katmai to a family that raises great danes to be service dogs. You can also subscribe to’s YouTube channels and even sign up for text alerts if something cool is happening on one of the cams you like.
But be warned: the sheer volume of animal cam goodness can be overwhelming. The first time I discovered, I lost an entire day.

Internet’s Favorite Viral Cat Videos Coming to Indianapolis

By Melissa Turpin @ WISH-TV

Animals can melt the human heart, tickle the funny bone or bring us to tears. There is no end to the number of online animals – from YouTube to and all the social media sites in between. Nobody was busier than Grumpy Cat in 2015 and that probably won’t change.

9 Relaxing Live Streams to Soothe Your Election Anxiety

By Chloe Bryan @ Mashable

5.’s African Animal Lookout
Come for the chance to spot giraffes, elephants and hippos, stay for the endlessly soothing chirps of birds and crickets.


Election Day is Super Stressful. This Live Stream Should Help.

By Brian Resnick @ Vox is currently live-streaming its tundra buggy cam, which is scouting for polar bears in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada. If you rewind the video, you’ll see that many of the park’s bears have been sleeping throughout the day, probably dreaming of a future wherein climate change is actually discussed as an issue in presidential elections.

Watch Live: Annual Polar Bear Migration

By EcoWatch welcomes back the mystical polar bear species to Pearls of the Planet live nature cam family for another season.

The live cameras are being hosted with nonprofit Polar Bears International, which is dedicated to conserving polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Frontiers North Adventures, a long time ecotourism partner will provide views from its Tundra Buggy Lodge.

Veterans Day Programming: Fallujah

By JP Shields Link TV

FALLUJAH is a modern opera inspired by the real-life story of United States Marine Corp Sergeant Christian Ellis whose platoon was ambushed and bombed, killing many of his fellow soldiers and leaving him with a broken back. With the encouragement and support of philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten, Ellis collaborated with Iraqi-American playwright Heather Raffo to transform his demons into a work of art aimed at shining a light on the aftermath of war,PTSD, and the fragility of life. With a score composed by Tobin Stokes, FALLUJAH is an adrenaline-fueled lyrical opera, in which poignant melodies soar against driving rhythms and threads, ranging from electric guitar to Iraqi oud.

The opera was underwritten by and initially aired live on KCET in March 2016. FALLUJAH was directed by Emmy Award® winning television producer/director Kenneth Shapiro (The Academy Awards® and The Grammy Awards®).

Watch Live Churchill Polar Bear Cam

By Katie Dangerfield @

For the past few years Polar Bear International,  Frontier North Adventures and, have set up a live camera that allows viewers to take in the lives of the polar bears.

A link for the webcam is available at the website.


13 Questions About’s Sleeping Polar Bear Stream

By Megan Farokhmanesh and Angela Chen @ The Verge

When a video of a sleeping polar bear popped up in my Facebook feed, I — like so many others — abandoned all my work to tune in to this stream of a polar bear sleeping. Yep, that’s all the polar bear did. It napped. What a luxury for a mid-work Wednesday!

The stream comes from Facebook page I fucking love science via, and it is exceptional entertainment. The video is also home to the most wonderful, welcoming comments I’ve ever seen on a live stream. Most of the chatter that flew by were about how beautiful this slumbering giant was, or requests to zoom in closer. “Give it a hug,” one watcher said, while another simply commented “so fluffy and warm.” If only people could be so friendly to humans as they are to polar bears. (Note to self: invest in polar bear costumes.)

The stream ended with more than 1.5 million views (and a like from Mark Zuckerberg!), but you can still watch the archived version. Polar Bear Cam now has Snapshot Feature

By Ashley Prest @ Winnipeg Free Press

A new snapshot feature at the site will allow fans to become citizen scientists by taking pictures of polar bears and recording live video footage to share with researchers and assist in learning more about the plight of the polar bears. and Polar Bears International will also host live chats with educators and experts live from the banks of Hudson’s Bay.

Charlie Annenberg, founder of, said people will learn a great deal about the threats faced by polar bears by watching them in their natural setting and hearing what experts have to say about challenges they face to survive.

“If you watch them and participate in our live talks and snapshot features, I promise you will develop an emotional connection with them that will change your life forever,” Annenberg said in a statement. “Being an environmental steward begins with falling in love with the world again.”

In partnership, and Polar Bears International started Polar Bear Week five years ago as a way to encourage people everywhere to learn about the plight of the polar bears

Election-free video: No Trump, no Clinton. Just sleepy puppies.

By Washington Post

November 2, 2016 8:27 AM EDTDe-stress from the election. Watch these sleepy puppies. Thanks to for the Pearls of the Planet live nature network footage, for more go to and see the Polar Bear Migration. (Monica Akhtar / The Washington Post)

Election-free video: No Politics, Just a Magical Sunset.

By Washington Post

October 31, 2016 12:50 PM EDT – De-stress from the election. Watch Alaska’s Naknek River at sunset. Thanks to for Pearls of the Planet live nature network footage, for more go to and see the Polar Bear Migration. (Monica Akhtar / The Washington Post)

Election-free video: No Donald, no Hillary. Just kittens.

By Washington Post

November 1, 2016 8:29 AM EDT – De-stress from the election. Look at these kittens. Thanks to for the Pearls of the Planet live nature network footage, for more go to and see the Polar Bear Migration. (Monica Akhtar / The Washington Post)