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Why TV Ad Dollars Haven’t Left For Digital: Good Value That’s Getting Smarter


For all the noise and hype about the rise of online media over traditional television, what hasn’t happened is a significant accompanying flow of TV advertising dollars to digital. (link: )

Yes, YouTube has had some modest success capturing dollars that once went to television. But it’s hardly been an unqualified win, and that’s ultimately because of one thing: TV still reliably delivers huge audiences for high-quality programming wrapped with high-quality ads. Those TV ads still reliably connect to advertisers’ bottom lines, pushing sales in a massive way.  

TV advertising provides value for the (significant) money involved, in ways that marketers understand well. YouTube, the most successful digital video platform so far, faces questions such as pricing, where it seeks nearly the same CPMs as TV, without as clear a value proposition for marketers.

That proposition is even less clear on newer video platforms, such as Snapchat and Facebook, at least for now, as they continue to develop the business ecosystem around their huge potential audiences.  

And here’s the other secret of TV advertising: it’s getting smarter. New tools are doing more of the things that digital evangelists have long claimed for their platform, providing better targeting, better understanding of audiences, better tracking of reactions and digital sharing.  

YouTube’s Quest for TV Advertising Dollars

While the Google platform has had the most success siphoning off some TV ad spending, its challenges offer a cautionary tale for Facebook, Twitter


Cord-cutting is on the rise, ratings for many networks are in decline, Web video consumption is surging and there’s a new crop of stars on digital media. Surely, marketers are chasing this migration of mostly young viewers by diverting huge chunks of their television advertising budgets to digital video.

But, for the most part, that’s not happening.

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Are People Watching More TV? ComScore Says Yes

Jon Lafayette Broadcasting & Cable 

comScore says that the amount of time spent watching was up 7% in the fourth quarter. comScore’s 2015 Cross-Platform Future in Focus report says that in viewing households, 1,004 hours were spent watching live TV, up from 936 hours a year ago, and time spent watching programs on DVRs up to 15 days after they originally aired rose to 356 hours from 332 hours.

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Adweek: Viceland Is Shaking Up TV Advertising by Running More Native Ads That Look Editorial

Jason Lynch Adweek — Vice Media unleashed its first linear network on Monday night, launching Viceland, its new channel with A+E Networks. Featuring an eclectic lineup curated by Viceland creative director Spike Jonze, the network is taking a new approach to lure millennials back to TV. “We’re trying to make this organism that’s alive. … You turn it on, and it comes into your house like water,” Jonze told reporters in January

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FierceCable: AT&T challenging Dish with move into programmatic TV advertising

Daniel Frankel @ FierceCable — Already one of the first pay-TV companies to movie into addressable advertising using its advanced set-tops, AT&T (NYSE: Twill make the move into true, automated “programmatic” TV advertising. AT&T has partnered with ad tech company Videology, with plans to introduce a “private marketplace” for programmatic TV ads on both the U-verse and DirecTV platforms, starting in the third quarter, AT&T confirmed. 

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FierceOnlineVideo: Independent Survey Shows TV Advertising’s Continued Relevance In The Face of Shifting Viewing Habits

FierceOnlineVideo — Of surveyed participants, over the next three years:

73% predict an increase in the consumption of full-length shows online
77% predict an increase in smartphone video viewing
79% predict more time will be spent watching smart TVs with a direct internet connection
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Variety: 21st Century Fox Looks to Cut $250 Million in Film, TV Staff

This set of buyouts of highly compensate senior employees looks uncomfortably like what was happening 10 to 15 years ago in the newspaper business as the Internet was disrupting its business model.

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Content needs to find me: The gap in OTT

Here is a great example of a show that is 100% in my demo. In fact, it’s a concept I have pondered giving my life to. Yet for me to watch it? I’d need a reminder- a way to be pulled back in. An uber for content subscription that transcends platform provider or service.  No one has cracked that code. Who has that in dev?
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Wireless Goodness: DraftKings and FanDuel have best week ever

Darrel Baker @ Wireless Goodness — The world of daily fantasy sports sites has been largely unregulated since they first appeared. You go in Subway, you go in every single game, you see all the commercials. More tomorrow, more Tuesday. And Emmitt Ackerman said he spends “maybe an hour or two a day checking it”. “We’re at the beginning of a fascinating roller coaster ride”.

The Wall Street Journal: Digital Ad Spending in U.S. to Surpass Television Spending in 2016

Nathalie Tadena @ The Wall Street Journal — Digital media ad revenue will surpass TV ad spending faster than expected, according to a new forecast from Magna Global. The Interpublic-owned media buying and research firm projects digital media in the U.S. will overtake television as the biggest media category next year—a year earlier than previously expected – with $66 billion in revenue.

Marketing Dive: Product placement losing popularity with marketers: Nielsen

David Kirkpatrick @ Marketing Dive — According to Nielsen, product placement is down 45% this fall TV season. The drop is part of an ongoing trend that saw last year’s broadcast season down 3% from the previous year. Even though product placement ads are down, Nielsen’s Trust in Advertising study found TV ads overall are more trusted than online video ads.

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MediaPost: Product Placement TV Integrations Drop, Brand Memorability Up

Wayne Friedman @ MediaPost — Prime-time non-sports branded entertainment/product placement deals have declined over past years — partly due to premium pricing.Nielsen says there were 136 brands airing 4,455 integrations in programs last TV season — a 20% decline from two years before during the 2012-2013 TV season, when 185 brands did 5,580 integrations.

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The New Yorker: The Price Is Right

Emily Nussbaum @ The New Yorker — Ever since the finale of “Mad Men,” I’ve been meditating on its audacious last image. Don Draper, sitting cross-legged and purring “Ommmm,” is achieving inner peace at an Esalen-like retreat. He’s as handsome as ever, in khakis and a crisp white shirt. A bell rings, and a grin widens across his face. Then, as if cutting to a sponsor, we move to the iconic Coke ad from 1971—a green hillside covered with a racially diverse chorus of young people, trilling, in harmony, “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” Don Draper, recently suicidal, has invented the world’s greatest ad. He’s back, baby.

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The Wall Street Journal: New-Media Companies Shift Attention to TV

Lukas I. Alpert Wall Street Journal — Companies like BuzzFeed, Vice Media and Huffington Post are known as “new-media” specialists—makers of lists, articles and videos designed to go viral online and lure young audiences. Now, they’re venturing aggressively into a decidedly old-media stronghold: television.

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AdWeek: Buyers Love Advanced TV, Even Though They Still Aren’t Quite Sure What It Is

Jason Lynch @ AdWeek – Long live advanced TV! Wait—what is advanced TV again? Those are the somewhat contradictory findings from a new Interactive Advertising Bureau study released today called Advanced TV: Ad Buyer Perceptions. In the IAB survey of 255 marketers and agency decision makers (all of whom make media brand-selection decisions and spend at least $1 million in advertising), 78 percent said they are already using advanced TV, and most of them plan to increase their spend in the next 12 months.

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New York Times: With the TV Business in Upheaval, Targeted Ads Offer Hope

Steve Lohr @ New York Times — Dollars follow eyeballs. This bedrock principle of media advertising is working against the television industry today, as new viewing patterns challenge old ways of doing business.

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EurWeb: EUR on the Scene At the Taping of DJ Skee’s Hip Hop TV Show

EurPublisher @ EurWeb – “At that September taping, EURweb associate Jimmy V was on the scene and interviewed the young mogul. DJ Skee shares that when he first began with the idea for Dash Radio many people doubted him and his aspirations. But, after quitting his job and moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams, he had something to prove to all the naysayers.”