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TV Upfronts Could Hinder Programmatic Progess

By Kelly Liyakasa @ AdExchanger

With major upfront negotiations winding down, Fox, NBC and ABC hope to emulate CBS’ strong showing, which reportedly saw CPM hikes in the low double digits and about 5% higher sales volume.

Networks have the leverage this year to command higher prices because of the present scarcity, say buyers.

Sling TV Adds Several New Channels To Its Streaming Video Service

By Jake Krol @ CNET

Sling TV is adding a bunch of new channels to its streaming video service — but watching some of them simultaneously could be a challenge.

Among the new channels are popular, previously unavailable networks from the NBC and BBC family, including USA, Bravo, BBC America, Syfy and some regional Comcast Sportsnet channels. But Sling is keeping its channel offerings in two separate color-coded tiers: Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

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This Year’s Best TV Networks So Far

By Joe Adalian @ Vulture

The biggest trend in the TV industry so far in 2016 has, sadly, been the same as the one which shaped 2015: Viewership, for both broadcast and cable networks, continues to decline. This doesn’t mean it’s all death and despair in TV land, however. Live tune-in for TV shows is headed south, but when various on-demand platforms are included, Americans are actually consuming much more media content overall, including TV.

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SeaChange Releases New Multiscreen Platform

By Jeff Baumgartner @ Multichannel News

SeaChange said initial deployments of the latest Adrenalin is underway with “several large video service providers,” include those that are converting from the vendor’s previous-gen Axiom VOD systems.

On the binge-watching front, Adrenalin has added bookmarking and entitlements, which lets viewers pause a series on a mobile device and resume it in at the same fram on a set-top box, or share a TV series with family members using other devices.

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CBS Wraps Up Upfronts With Increase in Volume

By Brian Steinberg @ Variety

CBS expects to wrap its upfront sales with a greater volume of advance ad commitments than it did last year, one of the first tangible signs that advertisers are moving money back into TV after experimenting for several years with digital competitors.

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Subscription TV Services Are In Just As Many Homes As DVRs

By Joan E. Solsman @ CNET

Paid streaming video services like Netflix are as prevalent in US homes as digital video recorders, TV-ratings giants Nielsen said Monday in a quarterly report.

Subscription video-on-demand services were in half of US households in the first quarter, according to Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report. That’s up from 42 percent of households a year earlier. Meanwhile, DVRs have held steady, hovering around 49 to 50 percent for more than a year.

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NBC ‘Won’t Cancel Shows Quickly’ In An Effort to Restore Comedy Brand

By Joanne Ostrow @ Hollywood Reporter

During the hourlong panel, Salke — who started at NBC in 2011 — offered a frank assessment of NBC’s difficult history in comedy and noted how the network fell from “must see” status during the Friends era to, more recently, “No. 5 or 6 behind Telemundo.” After famed single-camera comedies neared the ends of their runs, Salke said, the directive became to find more lucrative half-hours. That included what she called “a couple of years of over-correction” featuring series like one-and-done entry The Michael J. Fox Show.

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PlayStation Vue Is Now On Roku, Making Cord Cutting Easier Than Ever

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles @ WSJD

Roku Inc. and Sony Corp. are making it easier than ever to dump your cable-TV contract. This week, Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming TV service arrived on Roku’s set-top boxes, sticks and TV sets.

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Linear TV Is Using Data From Social Media To Plan Campaigns

By Sarah Sluis @ AdExchanger

Social data is emerging as a way for traditional TV players to start moving beyond age and gender targeting.

For a recent movie release, Turner ran a month-long ad campaign during shows where an audience segment built from social media behavior was predicted to appear in high numbers.

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How CEO Philippe Dauman Could Save His Job at Viacom

By Michael Wolff @ Hollywood Reporter

Philippe Dauman’s two main impediments to staying CEO and chairman of Viacom, which most reasonable people might consider insurmountable, are the recent surprise backing of Shari Redstone by her father, Sumner Redstone, against Dauman and the fact that most investors, industry figures, media and many current and former Viacom executives want Dauman gone, too. Hence, the issues of the 93-year-old Redstone’s competence and his daughter’s legitimacy — an ailing man’s multimillion-dollar business “seized by his estranged daughter who has manipulated her father to achieve her goals,” in the words of a Viacom court filing — have been subsumed in the enthusiasm for toppling Dauman, and the belief that his end will come any day now.

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Netflix Traffic Has Declined Due In Part to Gains By Amazon

By Todd Spangler @ Variety

Netflix remains the biggest road hog on broadband highways — but its overall share of peak-period Internet traffic actually declined slightly over the past six months in North America. And that may be partly due to gains by Amazon, Netflix’s chief rival in the subscription VOD space.

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Wide Variety of OTT Content Leads to More Cord Cutting

By Advanced Television

As consumers find themselves with a wider variety of OTT content options, price is becoming less of a factor in the decision to cut the cord with pay-TV providers while content availability increasingly drives decision-making, according to content delivery specialist Limelight Networks’ semi-annual State of Online Video research report, which examines consumer behaviours and perceptions around watching online video. Streaming video services are surging in popularity, with seven out of 10 consumers now subscribing to at least one service.

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Big Media Should Embrace Digital Shift

By Amol Sharma @ Wall Street Journal

The narrative is irresistible: As young audiences migrate from television to digital media and ad dollars follow them, old-school entertainment giants are in for a world of hurt. It will be a slow, sad decline.

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Verizon’s go90 Supports Casting to TV Boxes

By Jeff Baumgartner @ Multichannel News

go90, Verizon’s curated, ad-supported OTT service for millennials, started off as a mobile app when it launched last fall, but has begun to extend a bridge to the TV.

Verizon confirmed that the latest version of go90, version 2.0,  for iOS and Android mobile devices supports video casting to Apple TV boxes as well as the Google Chromecast streaming adapters.

Sony Announces Investment in Interlude

By Sam Gutelle @ Tubefilter

Interlude has picked a new Hollywood partner. The studio, known for creating interactive videos, has landed an investment from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

An exact dollar figure for the deal was not announced, though Variety describes it as a “multi-million dollar strategic investment.” The funding is specifically directed toward Interlude’s Eko platform, on which the studio posts its most exciting projects.

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Movie Studios Are Backing This VR Startup

By Mark Bergen @ Recode

Movie studios are glancing behind their backs to see if virtual reality gains enough traction to impact their business. More daring ones are putting money there first.

Take Vrse, a startup that has established a name for itself as a VR film producer. Today it’s raking in $12.56 million in funding from a collection of tech and media venture capital sources, such as Vice Media, as well as major film studios like Legendary Pictures and 21st Century Fox.

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Will Netflix Last in The TV Industry?

By Joe Nocera @ The New York Times

One night in early January, a little after 9 o’clock, a dozen Netflix employees gathered in the cavernous Palazzo ballroom of the Venetian in Las Vegas. They had come to rehearse an announcement the company would be making the next morning at the Consumer Electronics Show, the tech industry’s gigantic annual conference. For the previous year, Netflix had been plotting secretly to expand the availability of its streaming entertainment service, then accessible in about 60 countries, to most of the rest of the world.

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VR Is Becoming the New Norm for Cinema

By Dana Knight Dazed

With VR showcases at all the forward-thinking film festivals in the world, Sundance, Tribeca and TIFF, 360 videos and installations have become a regular festival fixture. Even the more conservative Cannes had a very impressive VR display this year, alongside VR masterclasses and panels athering some of the key players in this burgeoning and exciting industry.

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The State of News Media

By Amy Mitchell & Jesse Holcomb @ PewResearch Journo

Eight years after the Great Recession sent the U.S. newspaper industry into a tailspin, the pressures facing America’s newsrooms have intensified to nothing less than a reorganization of the industry itself, one that impacts the experiences of even those news consumers unaware of the tectonic shifts taking place.

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Streaming Media Has Highest Growth

By Tobi Elkin @ MediaPost

Did you ever wonder what a “day in the digital life” of a video consumer is? We know our own individual digital paths, but what about consumers in aggregate?

New research from audience technology firm YuMe and audience measurement provider Verto Analytics defines video consumption by four distinct personas:

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