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NFL telecasts losing those awkward Viagra, Cialis commercials

By Phil Rosenthal @ Chicago Tribune

The company spent spent about $31 million to hype Viagra on TV last NFL season, according to iSpot.tv data, the most of any single pharmaceutical brand, but it hasn’t aired a national TV commercial to sell the little blue pills since mid-May. That’s because, according to Advertising Age, any Viagra advertising at this point likely would most benefit Teva Pharmaceuticals, which has a cheaper generic version due out in December.

Big Emotions, Viewer Engagement for ‘Big Brother’: How the CBS Hit Delivers for Brands

By Eleanor SemeraroBroadcasting & Cable

In total so far this season, 103 brands have aired 159 spots over 300 times during Big Brother episodes, resulting in 663.6 million TV ad impressions. What’s good news for advertisers is that the average view rate for a commercial during this show is over 91% (view rate is the percentage of an ad that, on average, was viewed across all airings of that ad). A short list of major brands are doing particularly well during the show, with view rates hovering around 99%.