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How AI Can Help Your Video Distribution

By Kristina Knight

“The next wave digital distribution will come from Artificial Intelligence. A.I. will have tangible applications for media for the first time. Until now, machine learning systems have done siloed tasks that humans had to do such as metadata creation or content curation. In 2017 these systems will be more closely integrated and A.I. will be able to conduct multi level analysis and decision-making in real-time,” said Rob Bardunias, CRO, IRIS.TV.

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Optimizing the Future with Artificial Intelligence

By Field Garthwaite and Dr. Thomas J. Sullivan

While the artificial intelligence utilized by IRIS.TV is computational and focused on a specific problem, we are part of a wave of companies that utilize data and automation to drive value. For IRIS.TV and our customers, the performance of our product is what matters most. The best way to gauge the success of any “A.I.” product is by first understanding your needs, problems and goals and clarifying what type of system and tech the product uses to solve that problem. Results for comparable customers, understanding how to measure success, and trying it to see how it performs are the best ways to separate the valuable products from the marketing language.

CRTV Selects Brightcove to Power its SVOD OTT Service

By Michelle ClancyRapid TV News

In 2017, CRTV plans to explore Brightcove’s Live capabilities and create greater personalisation for its subscribers, using the recommendation engine from Brightcove partner, IRIS.TV. CRTV is part of the beta program for Brightcove’s quality of experience (QoE) reporting, which provides publishers and brands with playback quality metrics so they can optimise their customers’ viewing experience. The company is also evaluating Brightcove Social, Brightcove’s social management tool that allows users to publish content natively to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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IRIS.TV Uses AI and Machine Learning to Manage Branded Content Distribution

By Laurie Petersen @ MediaPost

Time Inc., CBS and Telepictures are among hundreds of publishers working with IRIS.TV, which recently introduced a product to manage the distribution of branded content. Its video personalization solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology so publishers can automate the programming of their video libraries for the individual based on that person’s preferences and behavior. We spoke with Rohan Castelino, director of business development and marketing with IRIS.TV, about how this works.

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