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Lucy, A Young Girl with Mighty Dreams

By Connected to India

‘Ray’, the VR short curated by filmmaker and creative director of Future Lighthouse Rafael Pavon, narrates the fairy-tale of a young girl, Lucy, with mighty dreams, and a nosy beam of light called Ray who comes to play with her. Ray is an interactive experience that allows audiences to interact with the whimsical beam of light using voice recognition and gestures, a true a show of technological triumph and innovation.

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ITVT Announced TVOT NYC Keynote


Vince Cacace , CEO, Vertebrae Debby Ruth , SVP, Frank Magid & Associates Brian Seth Hurst , Chief Storyteller, StoryTech Immersive (Moderator) Alexander Rea , Creative Technology Officer, DDB

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Consumers Engaged with AR + VR

By Ginny Marvin @ MarketingLand

Working with New York-based PadSquad, Timberland ran a “coloring book” ad featuring a Nas video and cartoon (see the demo on mobile here). The ad features a Nas video that plays with the sound off and invites users to color and bring the cartoon to life (mobile demo).
In fewer than 40 days, the ad had accrued 59 days of video play time, with over 50 percent of video starts getting completed and more than 200,000 engagements, including coloring and click-throughs, says Padsquad.
“Units just really haven’t changed much over the years from rectangle and squares. There’s a low bar. We try to challenge brands to do things differently,” says Meehan. The mobile-only company works with clients on ideation, design and development for free and charges for media, says PadSquad CEO Daniel Meehan.

Other PadSquad interactive mobile display formats, including the title lookbook unit that flips through “pages” of an ad with a slight tilt of the user’s phone — no swiping or scrolling required. DSW used the format (mobile demo) for a spring promotion.

“Video is the linchpin behind interactivity,” says PadSquad’s Meehan. The company launched an interscroller ad format called Vvital that can incorporate 360, shoppable icons, a swipeable product gallery, store locator, interactive cue cards and other interactive features.“Many clients had been doing pre-roll and some had tested Snapchat,” said Meehan, “but for many, it was the first time to run vertical video that wasn’t placed ahead of other video content.”
ABC used the Vvital format to promote its TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) suite of shows (mobile demo). Meehan says in the short flight of just 11 days, the ad vertical drove more than 775,000 engagements and 239 days of total video play time.

For Santa Monica, California-based Vertebrae, Apple’s iOS 11 created the opportunity to open the camera onto the ad itself and use facial recognition to provide an AR experience from an ad, and at scale.

Vertebrae launched a suite of AR ad formats last month that can run on Android 5.0 and up, “but having iPhone in the game is really impactful,” says CEO Vince Cacace of the company’s AR efforts. “iOS users are more likely to engage, and we see higher camera open/allow rates than on Android.”
Vertebrae’s AR ad units work on the mobile web in Chrome and Safari. “The problem historically has been, if you’re Golden Grahams, for example, and want to have AR-triggered promotion on the box of cereal, you probably don’t have an app and don’t want to make consumers download one. Now we can build AR ad experiences over the web.”

Future Lighthouse Presents New Language of Immersive Storytelling

By Singularity Hub

In an interview with Pascal Finette at SU’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Nicolás Alcalá dived into the future of immersive filmmaking and storytelling. Alcalá is CEO and founder of Future Lighthouse, a virtual reality studio based in Los Angeles and Spain.


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The Latest from Future Lighthouse

By Luke Carver @ UploadVR

For the first time in history, immersive storytellers have access to technology that will allow them to merge the reactive and affective elements of oral storytelling with the affordances of digital media. Luke Carver is Chief Immersion Officer at Future Lighthouse, an immersive VR storytelling studio that has worked with Sony, Crackle, Beefeater Gin, and recently released a cinematic VR experience with Oculus. This is a guest post not produced by the UploadVR staff. No compensation was exchanged for the creation of this content.


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Meet Melita in Virtual Reality

By Jaime Feltham @ UploadVR

Melita: A Human Journey, from Future Lighthouse
Price: $4.99 (Rift)
This Oculus Studios-funded short story depicts a desperate 2026 in which the world is on the brink of collapse thanks to climate change. Follow a group of Inuit survivors on a journey to find a planet that humans can happily exist on once more

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AR and VR Advertising by Vertebrae

By Kevin Matthies @ Mobile Marketing Watch

Vertebrae Launches Mobile Web AR Advertising Suite
Vertebrae, the native ad platform for augmented and virtual reality and 360 video, just announced the release of its new mobile Web AR advertising suite.


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Melita The Beautiful Animated Story Developed by Future Lighthouse

By Chris Shive @ Hardcore Gamer

Melita is a beautifully animated short story that takes place in a dystopian future that was developed by Future Lighthouse. Melita is an AI bot that goes on a journey to save humanity from extinction and is accompanied by Anaaya, a scientist of Inuit descent. Over the course of the three 24 minute episodes Melita learns what it means to be human. Melita is $4.99 on the Oculus Rift and $1.99 on Gear VR.

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Vertebrate Launches AR Ads for Jigsaw

By Tommy Palladino @ Next Reality News

Using Vertebrae’s recently-launched AR mobile web ad platform, the ads for Jigsawwill be served as display ads to any one of hundreds of websites accessed through Chrome and Safari mobile browsers.

The Jigsaw ad is built with Vertebrae’s Dynamic Experience Mask template, one of five that the company offers. Other templates include Virtual Try-on (which Ray Ban uses), Interactive 3D Objects, Portals, Interior World View, and photo filters.

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Melita: A Worldwide Story

By VR and Fun

This year at OC4, there were many studios in attendance that captivated our minds and throttled our hearts with their ability to tell stories in VR. One of those compelling stories we got to experience belonged to Melita by Future lighthouse.
This story takes place in a dystopian like world where Melita, an advanced AI, and Anaaya, a brilliant female scientist are tasked to find a new planet that humans can inhabit. The two characters are surrounded by snow, ice, and anything else that reminds you of the antarctic.

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Vertebrate Partners with Lionsgate

By Emma Martin @ Mobile Marketing Watch

Vertebrae is showcasing the new capabilities via a partnership with Lionsgate to market the upcoming October release of ‘Jigsaw,’ the newest film in the ‘Saw’ series. It’s the first-ever AR movie promotion via Apple’s iPhone Safari mobile Web browser.
Vertebrae’s AR ad units work across mobile Web via Chrome and Safari browsers giving advertisers instant scale to reach hundreds of millions people across the globe.

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Brands Must Be Creative With VR Advertising

By Amir Bozorgzadeh @ VentureBeat

“We want to be sure that we’re doing advertising that is isn’t regurgitating banner ads and 2D video,” Vincent Cacace, CEO and founder of Vertebrae, told CNET last September back when they raised a $10 million Series A. Cacace voices what many of us immediately think when we picture what advertising could look like in immersive environments. We expect to be wowed by dazzling, interactive, and innovative formats that instantly pull us in and compel us to engage with brands in a more playful and deeper way.

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Snapchat: The Newest Teaching for Augmented Reality

By Wagner James @ New World Blog

[W]ith the $130 sunglass-camera hybrid Spectacles, Snapchat parent Snap has served up the world’s hottest training wheels for AR… “It is a gateway drug to more AR,” said Jim Merrick, chipmaker Qualcomm’s marketing director for internet of things products. “It’s the wearability of [Spectacles], and it doesn’t have the Google Glass creepiness factor.”… “It’s getting people exposed to the concept of having a wearable on that’s not some crazy 5-inch-thick piece of glass in front of your face,” said Vince Cacace, the CEO of Vertebrae, a startup developing advertising formats for VR and AR. “I could see 6,000 girls wearing this to Coachella.”

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Augmented Reality Promoting New Movie “Jigsaw”

By Advertising Age

The ads are targeted and measured using the same ad tech available to brands when they run any other campaign across the mobile web. They are not reliant on apps like Snapchat to find a wide audience, according to Vince Cacace, CEO at Vertebrae, which helped create the ad campaign.
“Brands can start to do AR with $50,000, where they pay 10 times that on Snapchat,” Cacace says.

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Augmented Reality Presents Facial Recognition and More Features

By StreamingMedia

Vertebrae’s expanded augmented reality offering currently features five mobile Web AR ad templates — Virtual Try On (like the Ray Ban example), Dynamic Experience Mask (facial recognition), Interior World View (inside 360 image/video), Interactive 3D Object, a Portal, and swipeable static branded filters — with plans for several more.

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Brands Should Incorporate Augmented Reality Into Their Marketing Plan

By Steven Wong @ AListDaily

“We’ve had display, banner and video ads since the dawn of TV, so we see AR and VR as new mediums that provide unique and differentiated value to advertisers,” Vertebrae founder and CEO Vince Cacace told AListDaily. “They create experiences in new, personalized and contextual ways. With our new AR suite of products, we’ve taken our first step into the world of AR.”

Vertebrae’s previous efforts have largely focused on VR, including the creation of a native VR ad network that reaches nearly three million people a month. That’s in addition to working with publishers such as Forbes, Time and Hurst to develop 360-degree videos for the web and mobile devices. Based on that experience, the company is now it is turning its attention to AR.

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VR Advertising is Highly Memorable Across All Ad Formats

By Peter Graham @ VRFocus

As companies seek to make VR more profitable, finding ways of making ads suitable for VR users and virtual environments is becoming evermore important with several firms exploring the possibilities. These include: Omnivert, Immersv, Verve and Vertebrae to name a few.

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VR: How to Engage the Younger Generation

By Michael Malone @ Broadcasting & Cable

VR may be the thing that best brings millennials to the party. “It makes us feel like we’re closer, more a part of it,” said Vince Cacace, founder and CEO, Vertebrae. Consuming sports through a headset, he said, is “engaging and exciting.”

Also appeared: Multichannel News

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Melita Tells the Story of Two Strong Female Characters

By Peter Graham @ VRFocus

Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) featured plenty of trailers for upcoming content, from the latest big name videogames to new animation and apps. One such piece of content was Melita which made its debut at the 74th Venice Film Festival (VFF) earlier this year. Now VRFocus has the latest trailer and screenshots for you to peruse.
Melita is a 20-minute animation created by Future Lighthouse. Consisting of three parts, with the second and third still in the development, Melita tells the story of two strong female characters on their quest to save humanity due to climate change’s irreparable damage to Earth.

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Oculus Connect: The Best Example of How Powerful a Feeling Can Be

By Russell HollyVR Heads

I’ve seen a lot of incredible and powerful VR video, but the folks at Future Lighthouse sent me on an emotional roller coaster with a new story called Melita that I will not soon forget.
For a VR story to hold your attention for 24 straight minutes, it has to really be something special. Melita takes you on a trip through the end of the world, but instead of the dark and grimy Blade Runner-esque future, this animated short is bright and pastel and just empty enough to really drive home how messed up this world is.

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